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SURAKSHA: Nepali health and safety App Review

SURAKSHA: Nepali health and safety App Review

Suraksha is a Nepali health/ safety application launched by Goyal Foundation and Bidhee Pvt Ltd in the market. This app is intended to consider the life after covid19 pandemic. The lockdown has come to finish but the coronavirus hasn’t come to end. the danger of transmission is increasing day by day. So, to handle this concern, this app can become very handy. 

Why SURAKSHA Application?

This application could be a social initiation by the Government of Nepal. The app ensures all the important features you wish to confirm your safety.

Suraksha connects users to comprehensive health services like Bluetooth based contact tracing and self-assessment tests to help in the prevention and control of COVID.

Main Feature of Suraksha

  • Contact Tracing Updates
  • Essential Centers Details
  • Get an e-pass
  • COVID- Test Centers + Emergency Contacts
  • Geo Mapping
  • Donate to COVID
  • Nepal COVID-19 statistics
  • Global COVID-19 statistics
  • Two different languages; English and Nepali

The main feature of this app is Contact tracing along with updates of COVID-19 statistics, emergency contact numbers, list of essential centers, and many more. 

The App has been designed to aid the Nepalese people in tracking their health status, get personalized recommendations & get alerted if you come in contact with someone who tests COVID-19 positive with instantaneous access to essential instructions, updates, emergency contacts & resources.

How does SURAKSHA work? 

Firstly, you need to download the app. And make sure to keep the Bluetooth and GPS location of the mobile on. Then fill all the basic information asked over there. Based on this information, the app will show you the risk of coronavirus infection. 

Now, when any of your contacts are tested positive, the app will notify the people who have been infected and also who may be infected. Also, this app allows you to check the health status and provides access to emergency contacts and instructions. 

So, what do you feel about this app? Are you planning to use it? Then you can download from here- Suraksha app

Our Thoughts

You don’t need to do a big thing to protect yourself, your family, and friends, just downloading an app is all you need to do. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Since the app is reliant on the data of the users, the more people have the SURAKSHA app downloaded, the less the chances of undetected spread of the virus. 

Name itself suggest Hamro Suraksha, Hamro Jimmewari, so its a very good initative for social change. These days mobile apps had made our life very easy, so this idea of including informations in one place is a very good idea, a small steps towards big change. All Thanks to our government for this.

This application is also one of the examples that Technology had made our life more accessible to information, awareness, and communication.

Lastly, this mobile application is limited with features but essential one.

Suraksha App Review:

User Downloads on Playstore : 500 + Downloads

Ratings and review : 4.7 Star


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