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How to restore deleted iCloud contacts, bookmarks, and calendars?

How to restore deleted iCloud contacts, bookmarks, and calendars?

Apple provides cloud-based storage services which are known as iCloud. It is used to store and sync images, contacts, music, and a lot more. However, sometimes you may mistakenly delete some of the items or you may find some of the items are missing from the cloud. We know that it is normal to commit mistakes in life but you should not be worried because we are there to help you restore deleted items from the cloud. How? Because iCloud automatically backs up the data in its own internal backup system. In order to get the data back, we need to follow some steps.

Before following the steps, you must have: –
  1. Apple laptop or iPad
  2. Apple Account and Password
  3. Internet connection
Recovery method for restore deleted : –
  • Open safari browser in your device then go to
  • Type in your Apple account with your ID and Password
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page then select the advanced option
  • We will see the following after selecting the advanced option to restore

file: – allows us to restore files

Contacts: – allows us to restore the contacts

Calendar and Reminder: – allows us to restore calendar and reminders

  • Choose the required option
  • Choose a suitable archive
  • Click on restore button to confirm

One thing we need to remember is that the archive which you select will replace the data therefore all the devices connected to the Apple account and your current data will be archived.

When we restore the contacts, we cannot restore only one contact because iCloud treats the contact as a whole so we need to restore all.

Reminder:- For 30days only items are present in the iCloud. In order to get our items, we need to recover them before the time. so, after 30days we cannot recover the deleted items from the iCloud backup service.

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