Is ‘Gmail Smart Reply’ On Gboard Safe? (2020)

Is ‘Gmail Smart Reply’ On Gboard Safe? (2020)

Gmail Smart Reply

If you use Gmail then you must have been already familiar with ‘Gmail Smart Reply’ which uses machine learning to suggest words and phrases you may want to type next.

From the Android 11 Smart reply feature along with emoji will be present in the Googles’s keyboard app, Gboard. Since this feature is relative as well as does a real-time analysis of what you do in your mail in order to give useful information. So, Won’t it collect user data?

Gboard Gmail Smart Reply

“We want to give you the right suggestions, As privacy is our number one engineering priority, we don’t want to save anything you type, and there’s no data going to any server at all. So that’s a big challenge”

– Xu Liu, Gboard’s director of engineering

According to Google the Gboard never collects or sends any kind of data. The only time Google knows about it is when you do a Google search or put your information in Google services.

Google is running its algorithms locally for security and one more thing is it is not giving the AI control to the Gboard. Hmm. So to whom? Android, Yes to the operating system. Let us suppose if AI controls are given to Gboard and any type of malicious app gets into the app then all the calculated data will be leaked. So as all the apps are running on android which means users also trust the OS and someone who can crack the OS can take the data anyways.

So, when you see the 3 Smart suggestions from Gboard while wrting a mail it’s actually Composition of Gboard and Gboard platform.

Gmail Smart Reply  Android 11

“It seems to be a seamless experience, but actually we have two layers, One is the keyboard layer, and the other is the OS layer which is transparent.”


Third-party keyboard

Because Android is an open-source, Google can provide the same predictive feature it’s using in Gboard for any third-party keyboard to integrate into its application. By this, the other alternative third-party keyboard doesn’t have to do anything to work around the permission limits of Android for application to offer predictive replies like Gmail Smart Reply.


What is Gmail Smart Reply and Smart compose in Gmail?

Smart Reply is a feature in Gmail that will provide three responses that might suit the email you’ve received. The Smart Compose feature is powered by AI and will offer suggestions as you type your emails.

How do I enable Gmail Smart Reply?

1. First Open and log in to Gmail Account
2. Then click on the Settings icon on the top right
3. Click the See all settings option more

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