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Top 9 Emerging Technologies in upcoming decade ahead

Top 9 Emerging Technologies in upcoming decade ahead

Innovation and Discoveries have no bounds. Every year, developers are creating new technologies. Emerging technologies are those technologies whose development and application are in the developing stage. Some emerging technologies that will shape the next decade are listed here. 5G, AR, VR, and Web 3.0 are some of the top emerging technologies in upcoming decade.

So, here are the emerging technologies in upcoming decade:

5G connectivity:

Emerging technologies 5G connectivity

Due to the advancement of networks and technology, deployment of 5G networks is possible. 5G connectivity will facilitate faster speeds and improved services enhancing greater user experience. So, there are plenty of benefits of 5G, some of them are high bandwidth, lower latency, etc.

5G connectivity is designed to increase speed to about 15Gbps of wireless devices. It will create new kinds of digital experiences.
5G connectivity is expanding and evolving globally. Additionally, In the case of Nepal, Nepal Telecom has started 5G trials in different areas.

Automatic vehicle:

automated vehicle

Basically, Automatic vehicles are self-driving cars or vehicles driving themselves without drivers. Over the last few years, automatic vehicles have advanced rapidly. These cars or vehicles provide a lot of benefits. Automatic vehicles increase safety due to programmed safety features.

Automatic Vehicles also known as self-driving cars, use multiple sensors to get data from the surroundings such as cameras, GPS, radar, etc.
The most popular example of an automatic vehicle is Tesla. however, trials and tests are still going on globally. Hence, We can predict that drivers might be replaced by automated vehicles in the upcoming decade.

Augmented Reality:

Augumented Reality

Augmented reality is a connection between the physical world and digital visual elements via sensors and technology. Augmented reality is being adopted by businesses, allowing a user to experience their products or services. It is being used for a variety of purposes including training, enhancing user experience towards products, education, campaigns, etc. So, it is almost certain that Nepal will be also using this technology in the upcoming decade.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a computer-based system that uses software, screens on each eye, and interactive controls to allow the person to enter the digital world. The craze of gaming is growing day by day. Also, virtual reality technology is used mostly in games like PUBG or Freefire for providing real-world experiences. Virtual reality also finds application in technical training, reducing training costs. Hence, We can see a huge potential for VR in gaming in the upcoming decade.

Quantum Computing:

Quantum Computing

One of the top emerging technologies in upcoming decade is Quantum Computing. It is basically a computer that exploits quantum mechanisms. As we all know, an ordinary computer stores information in the form of 0 and 1. But in the case of Quantum computers data are stored in Qubits that can exist in multiple states. Quantum computing will have its own applications and algorithms. Some applications of quantum computing are cryptography, AI, logistics, and optimization.

Revolutionary Emerging Technologies in upcoming decade Impacting tech – Artificial Intelligence:

one of the fastest emerging technologies in upcoming decade - artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence means giving intelligence to computers or machines. It is a computer system that thinks or acts like a human. Over a couple of years, the growth of artificial intelligence can be seen rapidly. Giant tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI have developed their own AI-based chatbot. Artificial intelligence has affected almost every area such as healthcare, education, customer service, etc. With the advancements of AI in the upcoming decade, we can see people switch jobs due to AI. Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing and developing emerging technologies in upcoming decade.

Machine learning:

Machine learning

Machine learning is a technology that enables computers to learn automatically from past data. It makes predictions using old or past data. It is being used in speech recognition and image recognition. Advancements in machine learning can make a computer that can identify objects in images and videos. An example of it can be Google Lens which can identify objects.

An Emerging Technologies in Upcoming Decade Driving the Next Evolution -Blockchain:


Basically, Web 3 means decentralized web. It is a way in which we interact with the internet more
intelligently, securely, and decentralized leading to a transparent digital world. It is still developing

Robotics – one of the most helpful emerging technologies in upcoming decade:

Robotics- an emerging technology

Robots are machines used for a variety of tasks. Robotics deal with the design, operation, and usage of robots. Robots are versatile and reliable machines that are used in different areas such as space exploration, deep sea exploration, military, daily life, etc. The improved sensors, AI, and ML have made robots more advanced, and due to this, it may create unemployment in different sectors in the upcoming decade.

In robotics technology, there are a variety of components and concepts such as:

  • Sensors
  • Cameras
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Human-Robot interactions
  • Security

Robotic technology continues to evolve rapidly. This technology is impacting different sectors and industries.

Smart food delivery – one of the fastest Emerging technologies in upcoming decade decade:

Smart food delivery-one of the fastest Emerging technologies in upcoming decade

Food delivery services are rapidly growing all over the world. Hence, Most of the cafes or shops offer this service. With the advancement in technology and AI smart food delivery is possible. Smart food delivery means using AI and algorithms to predict the delivery time, optimize routes, etc. To sum up, smart food delivery is one of the top emerging technologies.

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