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Apple Magic Keyboard. What are the best features?



apple magic keyboard

Apple has launched its magic keyboard for the iPad Pro which seems the best way to turn an iPad into a laptop. Many people have been asking for this well made keyboard case with a trackpad for a long time. And its finally here, apple magic keyboard whether it be for better or worse.

Apple magic keyboard is a well made, beautiful keyboard that is nice to type on, it will definitely make lots of work on the iPad much more convenient. Talking about its price it starts at $299 for the 11-inch version and $349 for the 12.9-inch version.

Apple Magic Keyboard Specs and Features

  • Best typing experience ever on iPad.
  • Compatible with iPad Pro 11‑inch (1st and 2nd generation) and 12.9‑inch (3rd and 4th generation).
  • The front and back protection with a foldable case.
  • Trackpad for Multi‑Touch gestures and the cursor in iPadOS.
  • Backlit keys and a scissor mechanism.
  • USB‑C port for charging.
  • Floating cantilever design.

Let’s dive it little more about its feature;

The Keyboard

The most important function of this keyboard case is the keyboard. The name of this keyboard is Apple Magic which uses the same scissor-switch mechanism just like the previous iMac and 16-inch MacBook Pro. But it isn’t like a butterfly switch keyboard or fabric-covered keyboards which were found on MacBook Pros and iPad Pro before.

The Trackpad

The TrackPad is a fairly small good in this Magic Keyboard. Yeah, it’s small just about the 12.9-inch unit, which will be a little uncomfortable for you if you have a habit of using trackpads on MacBook.Although it’s small, it’s so smooth and accurate with a zero lag on iPadOS.Trackpad here lets you click anywhere not just in the bottom or in the middle.

You can use the trackpad not just for clicking, highlighting text or scrolling, its also for navigating the system. You use three fingers to swipe up or left and right to switch between recent applications.

Built Quality and Design

The Apple Magic Keyboard is well designed like a tank. There’s no zero flex to the keyboard deck which makes this very well balanced and stable on your lap.

This balance is also probably from its most unique design element i.e its floating screen. The Ipad doesnt just angle up from the back of keyboard deck like your any other laptop, it’s just floating a little which is quite pretty.

You can pull the screen much closer to your face when you are working from 90 to 130 degrees tilt and with a smooth floating position.

At last, the Apple keyboard seems with an excellent trackpad and someone will have great typing experience using this. However, its thick and heaviness will affect in some way. we hope to see better more functionalities in Apple’s keyboard.

What are your thoughts regarding this? Feel free to comment down below about your user experience.

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Babal Host. Why are people giving good reviews on Babal Host- One of the best web hosting in Nepal



Babal Host is not an old company in the market but within a year they became popular because of excellent service. According to the company’s statement, “the frustration of not being able to find a suitable hosting environment led to the birth of Babal Host.”

There are many hosting providers in Nepal but they do not provide what is expected. Babal Host is a customer-oriented service provider, not just for profit. They have added automation to handle even the most complex tasks that are still done manually. Denial of service attacks, malware monitoring and remediation, and new server deployments are just some of the functions that can be performed with an automated process and advanced software.

They have adopted a completely serverless configuration and use public clouds inspired by Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, AWS and Alibaba. These providers have already spent billions of dollars developing their architecture. Using the services they already offer, they can focus on providing you with the best shared, merchant and dedicated web hosting platform. Of all the various host providers in Nepal, Babal Host is gaining much popularity in recent times.

Some of the reasons to choose Babal Host according to our observations are:

  • Provides value for money

  • Commendable customer services

  • Fast response

  • Quality delivery

  • Cheap and fast hosting services

  • Very reliable

  • Fast servers

  • Reliable hosting

  • User friendly

  • Easy and fast problem resolving

  • Best backup

We will be writing details on their packages as well. Stay updated with us.

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ProtozoaHost: Popular Web Hosting in Nepal





ProtozoaHost is a Nepali web hosting company that is known mostly for providing amazing customer service. ProtozoaHost offers different services including domain registration, student hosting, WordPress hosting, and reseller hosting services. They have been providing hosting services in Nepal for last 3 years. Their aim is to provide hosting plans at an affordable and honest price but as a local hosting to make it everyone in Nepal too easy to host sites Protozoa hosting have been delivering outstanding authenticity and transparency in their promotions with the best prices of hosting plans. 

Protozoa host have exciting hosting packages. These packages are reasonable with a variety of features. Let’s check out the packages in brief

Combo Packages In Nepal

Protozoa is providing .com domain for free with every Combo Plan. Within Combo Plan there are 9 different variants. They are:

  • Combo Student Plan
  • Combo Startup Plan
  • Combo Economy starter Plan
  • Combo WordPress starter
  • Combo WordPress Basic
  • Combo WordPress Ultimate
  • Combo Business Starter
  • Combo Business Basic
  • Combo Business Ultimate

Details about Packages

PackagePriceStorageDatabaseI/O usageEntry Process
Combo Student PlanRs. 2296/yr1GB Pure SSD110MB/s20
Combo Startup PlanRs. 2696/yr3GB Pure SSD110MB/s20
Combo  Economy StarterRs. 3296/yr10GB Pure SSD215MB/s20
Combo WordPress StarterRs. 1999/yrUnmeteredUnlimited10MB/s20
Combo WordPress BasicRs. 2999/yrUnmeteredUnlimited15MB/s30
Combo WordPress UltimateRs. 3999/yrUnmeteredUnlimited20MB/s50
Combo  Business StarterRs.6988/yr15GB Pure SSDUnlimited30MB/s30
Combo Business BasicRs.12988/yr30GB Pure SSDUnlimited50MB/s50
Combo Business UltimateRs18988/yr60Gb Pure SSDUnlimited75MB/s75

Mini Hosting Plan in Nepal

Within the mini hosting plan, ProtozoaHost is providing One Domain Hosting. Mini Hosting Plan consists of the following plans.

  • Student Starter
  • Startup Starter
  • Economy Starter

Details about Mini Hosting Plans

PackagePriceStorageDatabaseI/O usageBandwidth
Student StarterRs. 1196/yr1GB Pure SSD110MB/s10
Startup StarterRs. 1596/yr3GB Pure SSD110MB/s30
Economy StarterRs. 2196/yr10GB Pure SSD215MB/s100

WordPress Hosting In Nepal

This hosting package by ProtozoaHost is recommended mostly for startups and small business websites. This plan is providing unlimited SSD, Bandwidth, Free SSL, Free Email, C-Panel and 1-click installer.

The WordPress Hosting plan includes 3 different packages. They are:

  • WordPress Starter
  • WordPress Basic
  • WordPress Ultimate

Further details about the package is given below:

PackagePriceRAMEntry ProcessI/O usage
WordPress StarterRs. 999/yr1GB2010MB/s
WordPress BasicRs. 1999/yr2GB3015MB/s
WordPress UltimateRs. 2999/yr4GB5020MB/s

Business Hosting In Nepal

Through the Business Hosting package, ProtozoaHost is providing high-power fully managed server services. Besides these, Protozoa is delivering free SSL, free E-mail, C-Panel, and 1-click installer.

The business hosting plan has 3 different packages.

  • Business Starter
  • Business Basic
  • Business Ultimate

Further details of this package are given below.

PackagePriceStorageRAMI/O usageEntry Process
Business StarterRs.5988/yr15GB Pure SSD3GB30MB/s30
Business BasicRs. 11988/yr30GB Pure SSD4GB50MB/s50
Business UltimateRs. 17988/yr60GB Pure SSD6GB75MB/s75

Python Hosting In Nepal

Python Hosting package by ProtozoaHost is recommended for Startups and Small Business websites. The package includes unlimited bandwidth, SSD space, free SSL, free email, and a 1-click installer.

The python hosting plan also includes three packages. They are:

  • Python Starter
  • Python Basic
  • Python Ultimate

Further details about the package are:

PackagePriceRAMI/O usageEntry Process
Python StarterRs.999/yr1GB10MB/s20
Python BasicRs. 1999/yr2GB15MB/s30
Python UltimateRs. 2999/yr4GB20MB/s750

Node JS Hosting In Nepal

Node JS Hosting package by ProtozoaHost is recommended for Startups and Small Business websites. The package includes unlimited bandwidth, SSD space, free SSL, free email and a 1-click installer.

The Node JS Host also includes the 3 best plans.

  • Node JS Starter
  • Node JS Basic
  • Node JS ultimate

Further details about the plans are:

PackagePriceRAMI/O usageEntry ProcessHosting
Node JS StarterRs.999/yr1GB10MB/s20Single Domain
Node JS BasicRs. 1999/yr2GB15MB/s30Two Domain
Node JS UltimateRs. 2999/yr4GB20MB/s50Single Domain

The plans offered by ProtozoaHost support Imunify 360 which is centralized for malware protection and different attacks.

Why to choose ProtozoaHost?

ProtozoaHost is very action-oriented, decisive, and are open to interaction with their co-workers and customers. By providing high-quality service at a reasonable price ProtozoaHost is helping clients to successfully launch the website or business.

The plans provided by ProtozoaHost are accommodated according to the requirements of the Nepali market and taste. The plans from ProtozoaHost are eligible for hosting from resume website, blog website to medium and large scale industry website. By offering cheap domain registration in Nepal the combo plans offered by the company is very affordable.

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Samsung Revealed Portable Beam Projector |Incredible start of 2022 by Samsung



portbale projector by samsung

On January 4, South Korea’s tech giant Samsung announced the launch of portable beam projector named ‘Freestyle’. Since the new device is targeted for travelers and campers, it appears that Freestyle will allow people to enjoy entertainment when out and about. With the new projector, the business hopes to provide a better screen experience while overcoming the physical limits of TVs.

Samsung has marked itself as the biggest tech company around the world. Samsung is never behind in new innovation. The demand of the tech geeks around the world is always matched with the creative idea of Samsung. From foldable galaxy phone to portable projector innovation of Samsung has stamped its name in the history of technology.

People are used to being connected with technology and gadgets everywhere and anytime. From wireless headphones for audio to lots of other portable device, smaller gadgets are highly demanded by the users. In recent year portable projector have come in the limelight. Portable projector have been really helpful to view videos and animated graphics in a larger screen anywhere and at any time.  Highlighting these factors Samsung launched this portable beam projector targeting mostly to travelers and campers so that they can enjoy their videos while camping and travelling.

samsung launch portable beam projector

The beam projector named as Freestyle is a handy projector model that has weight of around 830gms with very minimalistic design suitable for campers and travelers.  The freestyle supports screen size up to 100inches and can revolve around whole 180 degrees. This projector has ability to deploy screen from wall ceiling to floor. Officials have discussed the beam projector’s use. “Plug it into a socket and use it as a mood light.” It may also be charged with a USB cable or a power bank.

The projector can also display 1080p pictures on screens ranging from 30-100 inches and can be connected to Galaxy smartphones via the SmartThings app. The Freestyle features a capability that can frequently play media without Wi-Fi, since it is designed for Samsung customers who prefer to obtain entertainment on the go. Furthermore, the projector works with USB-C PD battery packs.

 The Freestyle has a built-in speaker that emits sound 360 degrees, so no need to carry an extra Bluetooth speaker. It also supports various streaming services like Netflix and Disney+. This beam projector can let user cast through Android and iOS devices.

The Freestyle is a projector, smart speaker, and ambient lighting gadget all bundled into one lightweight, portable device aimed towards Gen Z and millennial. The Freestyle includes auto keystone and auto leveling features which is enabled by industry-leading technology. Due to this feature the device is allowed to automatically adjust its screen to any surface at any angle, providing a perfectly proportional image every time. The ambient mode and translucent lens cap present in Freestyle also allows mood lighting when it is not used as projector to stream content. 

It’s the only portable projector in the industry to be approved by key OTT partners across the world, ensuring users get the finest video watching experience possible. It’s also the first projector with far-field voice control, allowing users to use the gadget hands-free while utilizing their favorite voice assistants.

Simon Sung, Executive Vice President and Head of the Sales & Marketing Team of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics stated “The Freestyle is a one-of-a-kind projector geared towards ultimate versatility and flexibility to meet the consumers’ changing lifestyles”.

The Freestyle will be on display from January 5 to 7 at CES 2022, and will be available for pre-order on January 4 in the United States, with availability increasing to other worldwide markets in the coming months.

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