Top 10 Best Electric Scooters in Nepal

Top 10 Best Electric Scooters in Nepal

Electric Scooters are the present and future. In the past, modes of transportation were a challenging issue, but in the last ten years, the automobile industries have completely altered it. Motor vehicles, such as cars, bikes, and scooters, largely used fuels like gasoline and diesel. But the globe now has the benefit of electric automobiles thanks to the technological development. The trend is being followed by Nepal as well, where several electric vehicles can be seen cruising the streets. Not only have bikes and cars gone electric, but also scooters. This article discusses some of the best electric scooters that thunder across Nepal’s streets.

1. Niu

Niu Scooter image
Niu Scooters

Niu is one of the most desirable electric scooters in Nepal. Niu started offering its services to the Nepalese market in 2017. Different NIU model scooters are currently distributed legally by Eco Infinity Pvt. Ltd… Style, power, and capacity vary across each model. Depending on the model, the cost ranges from Rs. 145000 to Rs. 445000.

NIU Scooter Prices in Nepal

Name of the ModelPrice (in Rs)
NIU GOVA-03Rs. 255000
NIU NQI+Rs. 310000 (Gloss)
Rs. 315000 (Matte)
NIU N-SeriesRs. 310000
NIU N-GTRs. 445000
NUI MQI+Rs. 255000
Models and prices of NUI Scooters

2. Doohan

Doohan Scooter image
Doohan Scooter

The services of these unique scooters are offered in Nepal by Kaliber Auto, the official distributors of Doohan electric scooters. There are currently four Doohan e-scooter versions, two of which have three wheels. It’s interesting that Doohan is one of the few businesses offering service for three-wheeled scooters. The cost of these scooters varies depending on the model, from Rs. 159900 to Rs. 321900.

Doohan Scooter Prices in Nepal

Name of the modelPrice (in Rs)
iTankRs. 359900
iTangoRs. 289900
UranusRs. 321900
E-SwanRs. 231900
iDouRs. 159900
Models and prices of Doohan Scooters

3. Pure EV

Pure EV Scooter Image
Pure EV Scooter

The scooters made in India and sold by White Lotus Group in Nepal are called Pure EV. In Nepal, there are now only two electric scooters. It stands out from the competition thanks to its distinctive design and strong battery life. The cost might be anything from Rs. 229000 and Rs. 249000, depending on the model.

Pure EV Scooter Prices in Nepal

Name of the modelPrice (in Rs)
ePluto 7GRs. 249000
Etrance NeoRs. 229000
Models and prices of Pure EV Scooters

4. Segway

Segway Scooter Image
Segway scooter

Recently, Segway scooters were introduced to the Nepali market. The official distributor of these scooters in Nepal is I Hub Pvt Ltd. Only two Segway electric scooters and a GoKart can be found in Nepal right now. The cost varies from Rs. 290000 to Rs. 390000 depending on the model.

Segway Scooter Prices in Nepal

Name of the modelsPrice (in Rs)
Segway Ninebot E125Rs. 390000
Segway Ninebot GoKart ProRs. 285000
Segway Ninebot E100Rs. 290000
Models and prices of Segway Scooters

5. Komaki

Komaki Scooter Image
Komaki Scooter

Another electric scooter with a base in India, Komaki has just begun to serve the Nepalese market. This scooter has a variety of functions, including reverse assistance, cruise control, a mobile charging outlet, etc. There are currently two types of electric Komaki scooters, with costs ranging from Rs. 295000 to Rs. 310000.

Komaki Scooter Prices in Nepal

Name of the modelPrice (in Rs)
SERs. 295000
VeniceRs. 310000
Models and price of Komaki scooters

6. Lvneng

Lvneng Scooter Image
Lvneng Scooter

Another business that sells a large selection of electric scooters is Lvneng. There are several three-wheeled scooter types available for the elderly and weakened, as well as high-performance scooters for young people. Currently, prices are between 185000 and 300000.

Lvneng Scooter Prices in Nepal

Name of the modelPrice (in Rs)
LS01Rs. 229000
LX01Rs. 249000
LX02Rs. 249000
LX04Rs. 209000
LX05Rs. 295000
LX05-DRs. 369000
LX06 MaxRs. 559000
LX08Rs. 295000
Models and price of Lvneng scooters

7. Tail G

TailG Scooter Image
Tail G Scooter

A Chinese-made scooter that is well-liked by Nepalis and well-known in the country’s scooter market. Yoma Ma E Motors in Nepal is one of Tail G’s official approved dealers. The guarantee, which covers battery difficulties for roughly two years, is one of the outstanding characteristics. Three variants are now on the market, with costs ranging from Rs. 185000 to Rs. 210000.

Tail G Scooter Prices in Nepal

Name of the modelPrice (in Rs)
TailG TigerRs. 195000
TailG LionRs. 210000
TailG LeopardRs. 210000
Models and price of TailG scooters

8. Luyuan

Luyuan Scooter Image
Luyuan Scooter

One of the most recent models of electric scooters to be sold in Nepal is the Luyuan, a Chinese brand marketed by Zero Emission Ride. The anti-theft alarm system and anti-puncture tires stand out among the many specialties. There are now three variants on the market, and they are priced between Rs. 173700 and Rs. 254700.

Luyuan Scooter Prices in Nepal

Name of the modelPrice (in Rs)
INNO 7Rs. 173700
MNK3Rs. 173700
S30Rs. 254700
Models and price of Luyuan Scooters

9. Jumbo EV

Jumbo EV Scooter Image
Jumbo EV Scooter

Another Chinese creation, the Jumbo EV, also known as the “Bravo Electric Scooter,” has entered the Nepalese market and is sold there by Jumbo Motors Private Limited. One of the e-scooters that charges quickly, it has a number of features including telescopic suspension, LED lights, disc brakes, etc. The price range for this scooter has not yet been released because it is still in the testing stages.

10. Hero Electric

Hero Electric Scooter Image
Hero Electric Scooter

Three versions of two-wheeled electric scooters made in India are available in Nepal. It comes from the renowned Hero Company, whose goods are widely used in the Nepali market. The cost of the scooters varies depending on the model, from Rs. 209600 to Rs. 309600.

Hero Electric Scooter Prices in Nepal

Name of the modelPrice (in Rs)
OptimaRs. 209600 (Single Battery)
Rs. 309600 (Double Battery)
PhotonRs. 249600
NYXRs. 284600
Models and price of Hero Electric scooters
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