Kathmandu Press and Shiran Technologies – Misuse of Credentials

Kathmandu Press and Shiran Technologies – Misuse of Credentials
  • Suresh Shrestha, Posted in IT Entrepreneurs in Nepal

About Kathmandu press news deletion.

Actually, it’s not hacking. It is a misuse of credentials that Shiran Technologies has. Generally, the developers do have all the admin credentials of any apps which they develop and actively maintaining. In that case, developers can do anything on the customer’s system if they want. I have seen some developers who misused the credentials if they are not happy with the customers. Shiran technology did the same thing here. Firstly it’s against work ethics, morality then comes the law. In my past experience, normally immature developers do this kind of work. That’s why the customers want to work with the full-proof registered companies than a single person to make sure the app will be safe from this kind of work.

The persons who are involved in this IT Company, some of them are renowned faces of the IT field in Nepal. I think they have given many speeches about data security, app security, customer relation, etc. on the different tech talks. I thought they are inspiring so many upcoming developers from their speeches. I was not expecting this kind of stupid work form the company that says the leading IT company in Nepal. So it proves that they are still immature whatever they say in their speeches and reached on that position by just a fluke.

This incident puts a big question mark in front of all the IT companies. I think IT companies in Nepal will face a major challenge to gain the trust of the customers in the coming days.

And also the customer should aware that admin credentials should be kept safe on their side, not a developer side.

and lastly. NEPAL ma IT sector matra badnam vako dekhana baki thiyo yo pani eni haru le pura gari diya.

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