Xceltrip offering cheap air tickets and hotel bookings (2020)

Xceltrip offering cheap air tickets and hotel bookings (2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit us hard. We couldn’t go outside of our houses let alone. And on top of that, many people had to make do with lower income. However, things are now slightly easing up. People are going outside to visit and spending quality time with family, friends.

Keeping that in mind Xceltrip has come up with some exciting offers to help people acclimatize to traveling once again. Xceltrip is now offering cheap air tickets and hotel bookings. 

Xceltrip comes up with many offers like a cash-back offer. In this offer, you’ll get 15% cashback in terms of XcelTokenPlus on every flight and hotel bookings. You need to book on both web app of XcelTrip. And to book a ticket you have 350+ airline options and 800,000 hotels worldwide. 

To get this offer you’ll have to follow some terms and conditions

  • XcelTrip can withdraw this offer at any time without any notice because this is a limited period offer.
  • The cashback token value should be 25 USD then the user can claim or redeem.
  • It has its own set of terms and conditions that you may need to agree with when using the same.
  • Eligible customers will receive a token to their wallet address within 10 working days after the completion of your stay.
  • If you cancel the booking or do not partially utilize it, you will not eligible to get the XcelTokenPlus cashback offer.
  • XcelTrip will not offer any other alternative redemptions if there are travel token storage/reception restrictions in your state/country
  • XcelTrip does not offer any cash or cash equivalent refunds or compensation for tokens that go unusable or lost/ destroyed. The XcelToken Plus cashback received can be currently used only on However, until we add any other use-case or partners, you can always trade it from all our listed exchange platforms.
  • Customer agrees to take full responsibility for the safety of their wallet & token. XcelTrip will not ask for your private key or wallet details. We may only need your public wallet address to send tokens from our end.
  • Customer agrees to give XcelTrip the permission to send promotional emails, calls, social media updates for information purposes.

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