October 3, 2022
usb c port

European Union (EU) has made USB-C port mandatory for all types of phones sold in EU countries.

Union has decided to make USB-C port mandatory on all phones, citing the need to manage e-waste and facilitate user access to all devices.

The member states of the Union have signed an agreement to make it mandatory for all types of smartphones sold within the Union to use the USB-C port by 2024.

In addition, Apple, which has been providing the Lightning port, has to use the Type-C port in its iPhone.

The agreement stipulates that not only smartphones but also other electronic devices such as tablets, digital cameras, headphones, e-readers, etc. must use the USB Type-C port as a charging port.

In addition, USB-C port will be mandatory on laptops of every brand sold in EU countries in the days to come. The association has been conducting necessary discussions and studies on this issue for nearly a decade.

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