UNICTS Nepal Successfully Conducted Virtual Session “Resume and Cover Letter Writing”

UNICTS Nepal Successfully Conducted Virtual Session “Resume and Cover Letter Writing”

After successful completion of two different skill enhancement session UNICTS Nepal has completed one more event on “Resume and Cover Letter Writing”.

On Saturday, March 19,2022 UNICTS Nepal in association with Internship in Nepal successfully hosted “Resume and Cover Letter Writing” session using the Virtual Platform Zoom. The event was especially targeted to the students and freshers who are about to start their professional life. The major objective of this session was to guide students on writing resume and cover letter that can impress the recruiters.

It is very well known fact that resume and cover letter influences the impression of applicants towards hiring company. Based on the resume and cover letter the chances of getting called for the company is determined. But as fresher there is not much to add in resume. So, through this event around 50+ participants were taught on writing a perfect resume and cover letter.

The event began with a greeting to the attendees and the whole session was moderated by Saina Sindurakar. Considering the limitations of an online medium, the participants’ enthusiasm could be felt throughout the session.

The first speaker of the evening Khushal Regmi, President of UNICTS Nepal took the platform and led a very interactive session by introducing UNICTS Nepal to all the participants. He also talked about the aim behind the establishment ofUNICTS Nepal. He highlighted importance of different skill required to build a successful career by giving example of previous event organized by the organization.

The event was then taken forward by Resource Person Rajendra Prasad Koirala.  He is Assistant Professor at Padma Kanya Campus (Tribhuvan University).  Mr. Koirala has been in teaching profession for last 30 years. He is a motivational trainer exclusively for leadership and personality development.  On this event he motivated participants to have a passion and be in self-discipline.

As a resource person Mr. Koirala gave some valuabale tips in writing resume,cv and cover letter. He marked lots of points that should not be missed. Besides these, he shared his experience and answered few queries from the participants.

Moving forward with the session, Mr. Koirala presented some of the examples of CV and cover letter of his students and taught our participants in similar way.

cv and cover letter writing

The final Guest speaker of the session, was Paramita Kandel. She is brand and marketing officer at NMB Bank. In this session she shared her experience on how she started her professional career. She motivated participants to experiment different things to learn and gain experience. Herself being a marketing and brand officer, she shared significance of being associated with different industries but with similar purpose.

cv and cover letter writing

She marked the importance of building network by participating in different events. Throughout the session she motivated participants with her inspiring words.

At the end, a short QA session about membership of UNITES Nepal was held by General Secretary of UNICTS Nepal Abhash Adhikari. The event was formally concluded by thanking participants, resource person and guest speaker.

You can watch the whole event from our Youtube channel .

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