Top 5 Reads from ICT Byte this week

Top 5 Reads from ICT Byte this week

In case you missed it, we have listed the top 5 reads from ICT Byte of this week.

  • If your internet is slow, you can now report at the Office of Primeminister, Nepal
  • Vianet’s Data Hacked: More than 1 lakh 50,000 records
  • 10 Ways to Protect Yourself Online – Stay Safe On Internet
  • Verified Facebook Page of Office of PM and Council of Ministers, Nepal not found. Hacked or Deleted?
  • Data Leaked including the information of IT Head of Prabhu Group

In this week, the main stories include the data breaching of Vianet and Prabhu Money.

Also, there was a notice from office of prime ministers and council of ministers, which said we can complain to them if our internet speed is slow.

Later on. the Facebook page of office of prime minister and council of minister was deleted.

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