UNICTS Nepal Successfully Completed Virtual Session “Effective Tactics to shine in Interview”

UNICTS Nepal Successfully Completed Virtual Session “Effective Tactics to shine in Interview”

On Saturday, March 5,2022 UNICTS Nepal in association with Internship in Nepal successfully hosted a session titled “Effective Tactics to Shine in Interview” using the Virtual Platform Zoom. The event was especially targeted to the students and freshers who are about to start their professional life. As mentioned in the title of event the session  was mostly focused on how to prepare for the first interview. The 90mins long session was joined by more than 60 participants.

The event began with a greeting to the attendees and the whole session was moderated by Karina Shakya. Considering the limitations of an online medium, the participants’ enthusiasm could be felt throughout the session.

The first speaker of the evening Khushal Regmi, President of UNITES Nepal took the platform and led a very interactive session by introducing UNITES Nepal to all the participants. He also talked about the aim behind the establishment of UNITES Nepal. He highlighted importance of different skill required to build a successful career.  

The event was then taken forward by Resource Person Bhubi Bista. She is Performance and People head at Khalti. She delivered an amazing session about different aspects of interview. By presenting common interview question that is asked during the interview , she initiated her session. She delivered an insight about how a fresher should be answering the common questions and put a positive impression among recruiters.

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Moving forward with the session, Bhubi Bista also highlighted major points on how to prepare fo interview. Next wonderful topic she shared about interview that everyone faces was “Anxiety During Interview”.She encouraged our participants to practice more in order to reduce anxiety during interviews. She highlighted that it was normal to feel anxious during first interview. She noted that it is important to do our best in first interview so that the next time we go for the interview we can feel less anxious.

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The final Guest speaker of the session, was Shirisha Maharjan. She started her career as social entrepreneur from her own established NGO Siris Youth Foundation and currently MD at her own multimedia company SYF Production and Business Development Executive at Diyo.AI (NAAMI).

She started by sharing her entrepreneurship journey. She shared how she balanced her company and education. She pointed out the importance of managing time and priority while working along with studying. Herself being student of CSIT she suggested participants on working personal projects while studying in college so that in future they can have required skill for a job. She recommended participants to utilise their leisure time in more productive way.

At the end, a short QA session about membership of UNITES Nepal was held by General Secretary of UNICTS Nepal Abhash Adhikari. The event was formally concluded by thanking participants, resource person and guest speaker.

You can watch the whole event on our YouTube channel.

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