“Entrepreneurship Talk Series: Building Jobs” |Hult Prize at BPKIHS

“Entrepreneurship Talk Series: Building Jobs” |Hult Prize at BPKIHS

” Building job is prime necessity of the time. It guides the progress of nation and welfare of its residents.”

The second episode of “Entrepreneurship Talk Series” titled “Building Jobs” was successfully completed by Hult Prize at BPKIHS, Dharan presented by Everest Parentals on 3rd March, 2022. The episode saw an overwhelming presence of over 50 participants and the energy of the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts were felt throughout the sessions.

The session commenced with the moderator, Ms. Meera Acharya greeting the audiences and mesmerizing everyone about Hult Prize at BPKIHS. Mr. Hirendra Raj Joshi who is the founder and COO of Baja Nepal pvt ltd and Mr. Gaurav Basyant, who is founder of Sikable were the keynote speaker for the day.

The speakers gave an elaborate and insightful session about current job scenario, startup technique, financial and marketing approaches in a business. They covered all the elements that goes from bottom to top in building a successful startup. They inspired the participants and gave idea regarding pavement of way to successful entrepreneurial journey.

After the session, the speakers addressed several questions from the audiences about the starup of business, challenges, plannings and execution.
The episode was concluded with passing remarks about the Hult Prize at BPKIHS from the Campus Director, Mr. Kumar Dhungel. The enthusiastic interactions between the audience and the speakers were definitely the highlight of the successful session. This concluded the “Entrepreneurship Talk Series: Building Jobs” organized by HultPrize at BPKIHS.

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