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Robots took the job. Microsoft sacks journalists and replaces them with AI Software



Dozens of journalists working for the Microsoft are sacked by the company. The AI based software has replaced those human workforce.

Sacked journalists were working for the news in homepage of MSN and Edger Browser.

After AI Software started it’s work, journalists are sacked off stating they are not needed to do the job.

These human workforce were responsible for select, edit and curate news articles. These more than 27 individuals were told that they will loose their jobs.

“I spend all my time reading about how automation and AI is going to take all our jobs, and here I am – AI has taken my job.” This is the statement from one of the member working in that team.

These individuals say that this sack is risky. They are following the strict editorial guidelines and now, their job is overtaken by the Artificial Intelligence based software.

Many media companies are trying to use AI based systems so that they can lay off the human work force. This is one of the impact caused by technology.

Now, human is losing their job due to advancement in technology, especially AI.

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