The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in Nepal has introduced a proposal to transform the national identity card into an electronic format, known as e-KYC (Electronic Know Your Customer), as part of a draft bill addressing information technology and cyber security regulations.

The draft emphasizes the need to streamline public service provision by eliminating the redundancy of submitting identical details repeatedly to various governmental levels, including the central, state, and local administrations.

Interested stakeholders are invited to contribute their opinions and suggestions on the proposed bill by emailing within the next 15 days.

This initiative aligns with the government’s broader objectives to modernize and regulate information technology, enhance the credibility and reliability of electronic records and signatures, facilitate electronic public services, and safeguard information privacy in cyberspace. The proposed bill aims to amend existing laws to bolster the integrity, availability, and authenticity of digital systems, protect critical information infrastructure, regulate IT and cyber security service providers, and combat cybercrimes effectively.

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