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Microsoft to kill Internet Explorer. Know why.

Microsoft to kill Internet Explorer. Know why.

Microsoft has decided to kill Internet Explorer, one of the oldest web browser that has been in service for 25 years. Although most people rarely use Internet Explorer nowadays, it was once the most popular web browser with its market share peaking at 95% in 2003. Internet Explorer has been the subject of various memes in recent times for its slow performance.

Although normal people did not use Internet Explorer, there are various enterprises that uses them. So, keeping that in mind, the customers will no longer be able to access Microsoft 365 apps via the browser, however, all the IE 11 applications will continue to function. IE 11 is the latest version of Internet Explorer available currently.

Microsoft announced in a blog post that they will no longer support Internet Explorer 11. They will start phasing out the Internet Explorer on November 30th of 2020. The Internet Explorer will be finished on 17th August 2021 according to the company. Microsoft has another web browser i.e. Microsoft Edge which was first released in 2015.

Why did Microsoft decide to kill Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer is not preferred by most users as their web browser for some time now. They prefer other better web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

“Customers have been using IE 11 since 2013 when the online environment was much less sophisticated than the landscape today. Since then, open web standards and newer browsers – like the new Microsoft Edge – have enabled better, more innovative online experiences,” said Microsoft.

In addition, Microsoft has a new web browser i.e. Microsoft Edge browser which is much better and compatible, therefore Microsoft has decided to kill Internet Explorer.

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What next now for Microsoft?

Microsoft to kill Internet Explorer

Well, Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Edge since 2015. They had introduced Microsoft edge to slowly phase out and finally kill Internet Explorer. The latest version of Microsoft Edge will be based on an open-source Chromium software which was originally developed for Google Chrome.

Also, the older versions of Microsoft Edge which is not based on Chromium has been given the term Edge Legacy and it will also be phased out on 9th March 2021.

Microsoft said, “At a time when IT professionals are being asked to do more with less on an unprecedented level, we want to make it simple for our customers to balance productivity, security, privacy, and cost.”

“The new Microsoft Edge is our best expression of a modern browser – we’re excited for customers to experience it.”

Are you sad that Microsoft decided to kill Internet Explorer? How excited are you for the new Microsoft Edge? Leave your opinions on the comment section below.

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