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Kantipur Engineering College Wraps Up Successful Two-Day Hackathon, Sets Stage for KEC LITE 2024

Kantipur Engineering College Wraps Up Successful Two-Day Hackathon, Sets Stage for KEC LITE 2024

Hack-a-LITE Draws 12 Teams Nationwide; Participants Showcase Innovation in Public Service Enhancement

Kantipur Engineering College (KEC) has concluded its dynamic two-day hackathon, Hack-a-LITE, featuring 12 standout teams from across Nepal. The event, a precursor to KEC LITE 2024, the institution’s annual flagship inter-college technical exhibition, saw participants delving into the theme of ‘Enhancing Public/Social Services,’ vying for prizes exceeding 2 lakhs 50 thousand.

The atmosphere brimmed with fervor and ingenuity as contestants unveiled their inventive concepts, aimed at bolstering public and social services. Each participant received tokens of appreciation, adding to the spirited ambiance of the occasion.

The victors of the hackathon will be unveiled during KEC LITE 2024, slated for the 9th and 10th of Falgun, hosted at Kantipur Engineering College in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur.

KEC LITE 2024 promises an array of competitions, including Robo Soccer, Robo Sumo, Robo Race, Line Following Robot, Technical Quiz, Esports, Shake Table, Survey Competition, and Attack and Defence. Furthermore, the exhibition will showcase robotics, computer, and civil engineering projects, alongside presentations from +2 students. This platform presents an exceptional opportunity for students and job-seekers to immerse themselves in cutting-edge technologies and engineering innovations while engaging in thrilling contests.

Complementing the exhibition, the CareerConnect Expo offers job-seekers a direct avenue to submit their CVs, facilitating connections with potential employers and opening doors to diverse career pathways. Enthusiasts are urged not to miss this exhilarating event unfolding at Kantipur Engineering College.

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