iost to host hult prize

IOST To Host HULT Prize OnCampus 2021

With the collaboration of CSIT Association of Nepal and the students of IOST (Institute of Science and Technology), Hult prize at IOST is being introduced to create opportunities for all the students.

CSITAN has been organizing various workshops for the students to help the students learn and explore, and to fulfill their motto “Calibrating Technical Potentials”.

What is the Hult Prize?

iost to host hult prize

Hult Prize is a community of young people who are leading a generation to change the world. It has helped many students to transform themselves into agents of change. It is a great opportunity for young people to build a business that does good for humanity and the world, simultaneously generating profit. They provide the youths with an opportunity to take the learning and inspiration and put them together to solve their annual challenge.

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IOST to host Hult Prize 2021

Hult prize at IOST is an “On-Campus Program”. It is the quarterfinal round of the Hult Prize Challenge which is conducted annually. In this program, the students will be educated, trained, and inspired for the challenge. The winners of this event will proceed to the Regionals.

If you are interested in this challenge and want to know all the details about it, then visit here.

Things You Need To Know About Hult Prize Challenge

What is Hult Prize?

Hult Prize is a community of young people who are leading a generation to change the world.

What is Hult Prize Challenge?

The Hult prize challenge is an annual competition that gathers ideas from college students challenging them to solve a social issue.

What is Hult Prize Challenge 2021 about?

Hult Prize Challenge 2021 has been announced “FOOD FOR GOOD: TRANSFORMING FOOD INTO A VEHICLE OF CHANGE”.

How much does it cost to register?

The registration fees for this year has been waived. All the teams should cover their travel costs themselves.

What is the date of registration for Hult Prize Challenge 2021?

The registration for the Hult Prize Challenge 2021 has been started from October 1. The deadline for the registration is December 17, 2020.

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