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Hult Prize at Kathmandu University and Chakraviu Nepal Successfully Conclude ‘From Jeans to Dreams’ Upcycling Project for a Cause

Hult Prize at Kathmandu University and Chakraviu Nepal Successfully Conclude ‘From Jeans to Dreams’ Upcycling Project for a Cause

In a commendable and innovative collaboration, Hult Prize at Kathmandu University, joined by Chakraviu Nepal, has accomplished the uplifting “From Jeans to Dreams” upcycling project. Going beyond the mere repurposing of old and unusable jeans, the project aimed to make a positive impact by providing essential items to those in need, with the invaluable assistance of Hult Prize at Kathmandu University.

Chakraviu Nepal has undertaken the task of upcycling 311 jeans collected by Hult Prize at Kathmandu University from various schools under the university into school bags. The upcycled jeans will be transformed into a total of 115 school bags by “Nhu Designs” and will be generously donated to underprivileged children in Malta village, Southern Lalitpur. This collaborative effort beautifully blends the creativity of upcycling with a deep sense of social responsibility.

The project initiated with an extensive collection drive across the diverse schools of Kathmandu University. Collection boxes strategically placed by participating departments facilitated students and faculty members in contributing their old and unwanted jeans. Beyond being mere receptacles for discarded clothing, these collection boxes became symbols of empathy and community spirit.

Hult Prize at Kathmandu University showcased its commitment to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through this upcycling initiative. Not only did the donated jeans provide much-needed bags to those in need, but they also contributed to environmental conservation by saving an estimated 7-10,000 liters of water per pair, which is the typical cost of producing new jeans. Through this campaign, a total of 2,425,800 liters of water has been saved by repurposing old jeans into bags for children.

The “Jeans to Dreams” project exemplifies Hult Prize at Kathmandu University’s dedication to SDGs, directly addressing goals such as No Poverty (SDG 1), Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG 6), and Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12).

The initiative did not go without recognition for the contributing departments and individuals. Appreciation and gratitude were extended through sustainable gifts and fashion collections. The top three contributors received prizes worth Rs. 60,000. Noteworthy contributors include Navin Yadav, awarded the Eco-Champion for donating 40 jeans; Bishmita Basnet, securing the Style-Evolution Award for 30 jeans; and Pankaj Shrestha, the Sustainable Innovator Award for donating 25 jeans.

The success of the “Jeans to Dreams” project stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of various departments across Kathmandu University, underscoring the university’s commitment to actionable contributions to key Sustainable Development Goals.

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