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Himalayan College of Engineering Hosts Inspiring Fourth Round of Hult Prize Exploration: Emphasis on Entrepreneurship, Mentorship, and Innovative Ideas

Himalayan College of Engineering Hosts Inspiring Fourth Round of Hult Prize Exploration: Emphasis on Entrepreneurship, Mentorship, and Innovative Ideas

The Hult Prize at IOE (Institute of Engineering) held its fourth round of entrepreneurship exploration with great enthusiasm last Saturday. The program took place at the Himalayan College of Engineering on Saturday afternoon. With the conclusion of team registration for the Hult Prize Campus Level Competition, the program also emphasized the role of mentorship in the upcoming session.

The program began with an introduction speech by emcee Sampada Tandukar, welcoming the guests and expressing gratitude to the sponsors. Additionally, Department Head Ashok Gharti Magar extended a warm welcoming speech. The first guest speaker, Niraj Pradhan, presented “Ideas” in a novel manner. He explored what an idea is, how ideas come about, and the importance of focusing on implementing ideas after conceiving them. He also highlighted the connection between design thinking and the production of a car.He gave an example, stating that we have acquired much progress if we compare a traditional truck with a cyberTruck, which has globally been a topic of discussion in the market. By emphasizing the impact of even small ideas, he shed light on how bringing them to fruition can contribute to significant outcomes. Suggestions from the audience were also deemed crucial, as they could lead to improvements and profitability in the future.

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Advancing the program, Suhent Vikram Shah, a graduate of Himalayan College of Engineering and currently involved with FinTech and the Web environment, announced the provision of a free digital star map to the interactive audience from the Milantara team. He shared insights on how to discover one’s role and understand what society desires, emphasizing that success often follows the exploration of new solutions when faced with challenges. Finding solutions to problems requires first identifying the problem, and he stressed the necessity of bringing a team together to bring any idea into reality. He discussed the initiation of Milantara and how referencing a song provided a unique start for the company. Regardless of the scale of an idea, its impact can be significant.
According to him, the roadmap for a successful business journey proceeds as follows: craft an idea → form a team → execute. He even highlighted that the fear in a person is making him procrastinate as no ideas are poor and they must wait for the appropriate opportunity.

The program concluded formally after transferring the symbol of love, a handover ceremony, and addressing the queries of the participants. The presence of enthusiastic and active participants added to the interest of the program. The experiences and presentations of the guests inspired the participants. The sponsors of the Hult Prize, namely Protozone Host, Tasked, and Rastriya Banijya Bank, played a significant role in successfully organizing the program in a grand manner.

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