Google extends unlimited Meet calls

Google extends unlimited Meet calls and adds noise cancellation feature (2020)

Google extends unlimited Meet calls

There were Rumours that Google will stop providing unlimited Meet calls from September 30. After that, the users need to shift to Business users if they want to use the video calling service for more than 1 hour.

But here comes the good news Google has planned to extend the unlimited Meet calls plan until March 31, 2021. This means that Google Meet users do not need to pay for the video calling service for more than 1 hour. They can enjoy the online free calling until the extended date.

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Google adds noise cancellation

unlimited Meet calls noise cancellation

Wait! not only unlimited Meet calls, but Google has also added a new feature, noise cancellation for Android, and iOS. Before it was available on Desktop only. So now it is available for mobile G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers.

This noise cancellation feature is based on Machine Learning and if you have any noises in your office/work while video conferencing then this new feature will solve the problem.

Meet has added various new features before like background blur, Chromecast compatibility, and Whiteboard features. These all the features makes this video conferencing service more popular among its other competitive conferencing services like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Due to its high popularity in the market, there are rumors that Google might make Google Meet its sole video calling app replacing Google Duo.

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