Collection of Events Organized By Hult Prize PU

Collection of Events Organized By Hult Prize PU

From February 6 to February 19, the Hult Prize at PU Lalitpur community hosted a series of thought-provoking events. Despite the limits of an online medium, people’s dedication could be felt at all of the events.

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Session

The “Entrepreneurial Mindset Session” was conducted on February 6 virtually. Over 70 participants interacted throughout one hour in that session.

The event, hosted by Ashmita Paudel, began with greetings to the audience and the session’s mentor, Mr. Pavitra Gautam, who also happens to be Karkhana’s Chief Executive Officer. He began the discussion by discussing the team’s experiences and obstacles throughout the first ten years of Karkhana. He encouraged the trainees to continue to work hard in difficult situations, develop empathy, connect with others, and take risks. He also advised that everyone try to be stronger than their own excuses. He concentrated on the qualities and mindset that an entrepreneur should possess.

Social Entrepreneurship with Sustainability: Getting the World Back to Work Sesssion

Mr. Anil Chitrakar sir, the Founder of Environmental camps for conservation awareness, “Social Entrepreneurship with Sustainability: Getting the World Back to Work” session on February 7th (ECCA) which was hosted by guided Manika Lama. He offered us so much more just by being present, and he inspired every young person in the room. He began by advising people to take care of themselves before assisting others, to learn to listen, and to modify their attitudes in order to better comprehend society. “Begin with yourself: if you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of society,” he said.

For ideas on how to get the globe back to work, he advised that we discover genuine people who need a job at any cost, and figure out what their difficulties are.

When discussing the sustainable idea, he took us through a scenario in which the balance between life and livelihood had been disintegrated, and he gave us some ideas for creating a business plan in which you can balance life and livelihood, include the health sector, and target local materials. And if the plan is scalable, retains water, and uses solar energy, it is a viable option. It was a very satisfying session.

Legal Procedure For Startup Businesses Session

Mr.Umesh Raj Pandeya sir, a fellow Chartered Accountant member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal, mentored the “Legal Procedure For Startup Businesses” session on February 8th. Dikshya Thapa was the event’s host. Mr. Pandeya educated us on startups, levels of government, legal business forms, and governing laws.

How to Form a performing Team for Your Business

On February 9,Mr.Pravash Rai sir, the Head-HR, Branding & Social Media at Shine Resunga Development Bank, introduced the “How To Form a Performing Team for Your Business” session. He began the event by discussing how to identify need assessments, the best recruitment strategy, and the legal and ethical considerations for businesses.

“The most important part of forming a team for your business is character identification of the candidates you’re recruiting,” he said. He also familiarized himself with the common interview questions that may be asked during the selection process and provided guidance on how to engage and retain employees. The session was fantastic.

Provoking Action: How to Influence People with Your Digital Content?

On February 11, the session “Provoking Action: How to Influence People with Your Digital Content?” was hosted by Sameeksha Khadka. Mr. Pramesh Shrestha sir, the Managing Director of BahasShala Training And Research Center, was our trainer for the event, and he introduced the standard methods of marketing as well as things to consider when marketing the products you own. He also informed the participants about the most popular digital marketing framework: the STEPPS framework. He illustrated each step of the framework with an example and a real-world application, which helped the audience visualize and comprehend things better. The event as a whole was fantastic, and we learned a lot about digital content in this digital age.

Financial Projection Analysis Session

On February 12, another online event was held with our mentor, Mr. Mandeep Man Bajimaya sir, a Chartered Accountant, on the topic “Financial Projection Analysis.” The event was hosted by Niba Shrestha, who began by greeting the audience and the session’s trainer. He discussed finance, funding sources, funding use, depreciation, and variable expenses. He demonstrated the net profit, gross profit, and capital structure by doing the calculations on an Excel sheet using an example. He also discussed the Break-Even Point (BEP) and Return on Investment (ROI) (ROI). The event was extremely beneficial to both Hult Prize enrolled participants and all other attendees.

Design Thinking-Business Model Canvas

Mr. Birat Shrestha sir, Managing Director of Access Universe Pvt. Ltd., was our trainer for the “Design Thinking-Business Model Canvas” session on February 13. He gave a comprehensive explanation of Business Idea Formation. He told the attendees about design thinking: what it is, what it is used for, what the process is like, and what the advantages are. He also outlined business concept requirements and demonstrated how to make a business model canvas. He also shared information regarding essential activities, resources, and partners, as well as cost structure and income streams. Every individual who attended this workshop benefited from it.

As the registered team’s business plan’s Final Projection Analysis must be given to the judge, our mentor, Mr. Mandeep Man Bajimaya sir, addressed the issues the team associates had when developing their Financial Projection Analysis on February 19.

All of these sessions were extraordinary since everyone had the opportunity to study and discover a vast variety of knowledge about any topic of interest imaginable. All of the activities were more participatory since the participants were able to practice alongside the instructors and the trainees’ queries were answered just where they were puzzled. All of the mentors resolved the difficulties through a lively Q/A session, presenting resources to the audience for additional knowledge illumination.

Thank you from the Hult Prize at PU Lalitpur family to all of the great mentors who provided so much information, as well as all of the participants who helped make the events a success. The series of activities came to a conclusion with participants’ expectations realized and the organizing committee’s face filled with satisfaction. The lively dialogues between the audience and the trainers were clearly the highlights of the successful sessions.

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