eSewa Dashain offer 2077: Win TV at just Rs.22

eSewa Dashain offer 2077: Win TV at just Rs.22

The Dashain vibe is slowly appearing everywhere. During Dashain, the whole family enjoys sitting at home watching TV, eating sweets, and playing various games even more than other festivals. Looking ahead to the time of this great festival of Nepalese, eSewa has announced ‘eSewa Dashain Offer’.

eSewa is providing a chance to win 43 Inch CG Smart LED TV in just Rs.22! In addition, 30 more participants will receive Rs. 500 in eSewa. Rs. 22 will be refunded to your eSewa wallet if you are unable to win in this scheme.

Click here to participate in this offer plan. (Use an Android or iOS device with the eSewa app installed to open the link.)

esewa dashain offer

Download the eSewa app for iOS and Android.

Terms and Conditions for eSewa Dashain Offer

Here are the terms and conditions to consider when participating in this eSewa Dashain offer (बडा दशैँ आए सँगै बडा उपहार, win a TV at only Rs. 22)

  1. This offer applies to all KYC certified users and agents. [Note: Users who are not KYC certified must submit a request for KYC authentication by October 16 to participate in this offer. ]
  2. You can participate in this offer from 14th to 30th Asoj (30 September – 16 October).
  3. To win the award, a minimum transaction of Rs. 500 (Merchant Bill Payment) must be made within the offer plan period.
  4. The lucky winners of TV and the 30 winners who will win Rs.500 in the eSewa account will be announced on 2nd Kartik (18th October). The winners will also be notified through the number registered with the service.
  5. The winner must claim the prize within 30 working days of the winner being declared. If the winner does not claim the prize within the estimated time, eSewa may cancel the prize.
  6. The TV winner will have to provide a copy of one of the official documents (citizenship/driving license/passport) to get the TV. [Note: The official document must be original and all the details must match the KYC form certified in the service.]
  7. This offer is for promotion purposes only. It does not cover gambling, betting, or betting under Nepal’s current laws. ESEWA will refund the amount of Rs. 22 paid to all users except the winner who participated in this offer.
  8. To be eligible to participate, the participants have to complete all the procedures of the offer. If the user’s transaction is incomplete, the service will not be liable.
  9. ESEWA reserves the right to cancel this offer if any suspicious activity is found.
  10. ESEWA reserves the right to disqualify any user who does not meet the criteria of the offering plan.
  11. If necessary, ESEWA may change the terms of the plan or even cancel the plan without any prior notice.
  12. By participating in the offer scheme, users will be allowed to use their mobile number for the purpose of assisting the service with promotional activities, marketing, or any other administrative matters.
  13. Prizes won through this offer cannot be transferred or returned.
  14. Rs. 22 will be refunded in the service wallet of the customers who participated in this offer but were not able to win by the 5th of Kartik.

According to the rules of the Government of Nepal, the winner of CG 43 Inch Smart LED TV has to pay tax.

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Are you ready to take part in the eSewa Dashain offer?

Participate in this offer by following the procedure given below.

  1. Log in to the eSewa app.
  2. In popular services, go to win TV in Rs. 22 icons.
  3. On offer, select TV on Rs. 22 and press the Proceed button.
  4. Tap the Confirm button and enter your MPIN / Fingerprint which will complete your participation process.

Don’t miss this chance to win a TV in just Rs.22. Hurry up! Participate in this awesome eSewa Dashain offer. Our best wishes to you.

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