E-farm’s ‘Virtual Khasi Mela’: Order by selecting from a video call

E-farm’s ‘Virtual Khasi Mela’: Order by selecting from a video call

Targeting Dashan and Tihar, eFarm has started a virtual ‘Khasi Mela’. Consumers will be able to place orders through e-Farm’s Viber, Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks by making video calls and selecting ‘Khasi’ and ‘Chyangra’.

At this time of the Coronavirus epidemic, it is risky to go to the market. Therefore, consumers can choose the goats, see the weight and even choose the color in the video call, said Prameshwar Shrestha, founder of the farm.

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Dates for Virtual Khasi Mela

Consumers can order by calling at any time from 5 am to 12 noon, the company said. This fair started on September 10 and will continue till October 25.

virtual khasi mela

Efarm had started pre-booking of goats online a few years ago. Users of NIC Asia Bank will get a discount of five percent or up to Rs.1000

Similarly, consumers who cannot carry live animals can order more than 3 kg, the company said. They provide home delivery facility too.

How to place order?

Virtual Khasi Mela has started. Orders can also be placed from eFarm’s website and by calling 9801855505.

In this virtual khasi mela, ‘Khasi’ brought from hilly districts including Dhankuta, Baitadi, Udaipur, Salyan, ‘Chyangra’ of Mustang, and ‘Chicken’ of Nuwakot is available. If the consumer wants to come to the farm, there is also a facility to enter the farm one by one by maintaining social distance.

Spread over an area of about 11 ropanis, the farm has its own Khasi farm and a separate place for cutting and cleaning the meat. Efarm, which started selling Khasi and Chyangra last year, is expanding its services by adding other agricultural products.

Virtual Khasi Mela is a new and unique concept in Nepali market. It started with the vision of providing healthy safety to the consumers. Also it has made much more convenient for the consumers to order and get them delivered in the doorsteps.

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