BIM Syllabus | Bachelors in Information Management

BIM Syllabus | Bachelors in Information Management

Bachelors in Information Management (BIM) is a four years acamdemic programme of Tribhuwan University offering an integrated IT and management courses. This course helps student to develop skill in the sector of IT as well as helps to acquire management skills. This course is based on semester system which helps student to develop their IT and management skills.

BIM Syllabus Of Every Semesters!

Semeter I

Course CodeCourse Title
MGT – 201Principles of Management
ENG – 201English Composition
MTH – 201Basic Mathematics
IT – 211Computer Information System
IT – 212Digital Logic

Semeter II

Course CodeCourse Title
SOC – 201Sociology for Business
MTH – 202Discrete Mathematics and Its Application
MGT – 204Business Communication
IT – 213Structured Programming
IT – 214Data Communication & Computer network

Semeter III

Course CodeCourse Title
ACC – 201
Financial Accounting
IT – 215Web Programming I
IT – 216JAVA Programming – I
IT – 217Computer Organization
STT – 201Business Statistics

Semeter IV

Course CodeCourse Title
ACC – 202Cost and Management Accounting
ECO – 201Microeconomics
IT – 218Data Structure and Algorithm with Java
IT – 219Web Technology – II
IT – 220Database Management System

Semeter V

Course CodeCourse Title
MKT – 201Fundamentals of Marketing
ECO – 202Macro Economics
IT – 221Computer Graphics
IT – 222JAVA Programming II
IT – 223Advance Internetworking

Semeter VI

Course CodeCourse Title
FIN – 201Business Finance
MGT – 202Human Resource Management
MGT – 206Business Environment in Nepal
IT – 224Software Engineering
IT – 225Computer Security and Cyber Law
IT – 351Summer Project

Semeter VII

Course CodeCourse Title
ITC – 226Management Information System
ITC – 227IT Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management
ITC – 228High-Speed Network and Multimedia Networking
LOG – 201Critical Thinking and Decision making
MGT – 203Organizational Relations
MGT – 202Human Resource Management

Semeter VIII

Course CodeCourse Title
ITC – 229Computer Security and Cyber Law
ITC – 230Economics of Information and Communication
ITC – 301System Administration Win NT
Elective IIInternship: Industrial Attachment Project

Eight semester(Elective)

Course CodeCourse Title
ITC – 307Software Project Management
ITC – 303Computer-Based Financial Engineering
ITC – 305Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
ITC – 306Object-Oriented Database Management System
ITC – 308Operating System
ITC – 309Data Mining and Data Warehousing

List of BIM colleges in Nepal

Here is the list of BIM colleges in Nepal:-
1) Nepal commerce campus
2) Shankar dev campus
3) Asian school of management and technology
4) Brightland college
5) College of applied business
6) Hetauda school of management

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