BCA Syllabus | Bachelor in Computer Application Syllabus

BCA Syllabus | Bachelor in Computer Application Syllabus

BCA stands for Bachelors in Computer Application and you can find the BCA syllabus below so that you will be familiar about all the courses of BCA. There are currently 120 colleges that are running BCA program affiliated from Tribhuvan University. This course is of 4 years and program runs on semester sstem.

The main objective of BCA program is to produce high quality of computer users and developers. Not only TU but the program is also conducted by Purbanchal University and Pokhara University.

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Semester I

Course CodeCorse TitleCredit Hour
CACS101Computer Fundamentals & Applications4
CACO102Society and Technology3
CAEN103English I3
CAMT104Mathematics I3
CACS105Digital Logic3

Semester II

Course CodeCorse TitleCredit Hour
CACS151C Programming4
CAAC152Financial Accounting3
CAEN153English II3
CAMT154Mathematics II3
CACS155Microprocessor and Compter Architecture3

Semester III

Course CodeCorse TitleCredit Hour
CACS201Data Structure And Algorithm3
CAST202Probability and Statistics3
CACS203System Analysis And Design3
CACS204OOP in Java3
CACS205Web Technology3

Semester IV

Course CodeCorse TitleCredit Hour
CACS251Operating System3
CACS252Numerical Method3
CACS253Software Engineering3
CACS254Script Language And Database3
CACS255Management System3
CAPJ256Project I3

Semester V

Course CodeCorse TitleCredit Hour
CACS301MIS And E-Business3
CACS302DotNet Technology3
CACS303Computer Networking3
CAMG304Introduction To Management3
CACS305Computer Graphics And Animation3

Semester VI

Course CodeCorse TitleCredit Hour
CACS351Mobile programming3
CACS352Distributed System3
CAEC353Applied Economics3
CACS354Advanced Java Programming3
CACS355Network Programming3
CAPJ356Project II2

Semester VII

Course CodeCorse TitleCredit Hour
CACS401Cyber Law and Professional Ethics3
CACS402Cloud Computing3
Elective I3
Elective II3

Semester VIII

Course CodeCorse TitleCredit Hour
CAOR451Operations Research3
CAPJ452Project III6
Elective III3
Elective IV3

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