Alphabet Workers of USA unionized | Parent Company of Google now have a trade union!

Alphabet Workers of USA unionized | Parent Company of Google now have a trade union!

Alphabet, Google’s parent company now has union with name “Albhabet Workers Union”. This union was announced on 4th of Jan, 2021.

This union focuses to protect workers of albhabet along with the global society.

Alphabet workers union is on the way to promote solidarity, democracy and socio-economic justice.

History behind the Alphabet Workers Union

Before formally announced, the team has powerful history for the betterment of work and workspace. Some notable incidents are:

How the Alphabet Union was built?

Organizers started to form the site-specific committee. They hold weekly organizing launces where they have a serious discussion about what next. With evaluating history, they make a conclusion that “workers pushing the company to do the right thing. “

After few workers were fired from the company, they realized about the limits of organizing models that were available with them. Higer management wre not ready to listen to them but they could do nothing. They have no power to stand up.
After having communication wotj Communication Workers of America, they started to study about building hte union at Alphabet. To fight against higher management, they realised the following needs

  • need to become more organized
  • more disciplined
  • need to be more skilled

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Alphabet Workers Union

Who is in Alphabet Workers Union?

All type of people from alphabets and its subsidiaries. Recently, there are both tech and non-tech people in the union. These people are from USA and Canada.

What for the workers outside USA and Canada?

Due to complexity in international labor law, currently union is dedicated for United States and Canada only.

How many members are there in Alphabet Worker Union?

There are 500 members and it is growing on daily basis.

Is union forcing every workers of Alphabets to join the union?

No, union is not forcing. If you work on alphabet and you are interested to join the union, you are welcome.

How can one join AWU?

If you are alphabet worker, visit

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