5 Positive Effects of COVID-19

5 Positive Effects of COVID-19

Worldwide, people are facing difficulties due to this pandemic Corona virus. There is an increment in mortality rate daily and the number of affected people is also increasing.

It has affected the whole world and most of the countries are in lockdown state, thousands of people are quarantined.

The world’s economy is getting affected. Thousands of people are being unemployed.

We all are unaware of this problem and are not sure up to when everyone will have to face this problem.

Everything does have positive and negative impacts, here are some positive effects of COVID-19.

5 Positive effects of the Corona Virus.

  • Decrease in Pollution

Due to this pandemic disease, most of the country is in lockdown state right now. Many of the stores, industries are all closed. Due to this pollution has rapidly decreased. Nitroxide is the main reason of pollution in countries like North Italy and china which had a rapid decrease now. Few of the vehicles are seen on the roads, peoples are all staying at home which is also the reason for less air pollution and wastage on the roads. According to New York researchers, there is a huge percent decrement in carbon monoxide.i.e about 50%. Monoxide is basically produced by cars.

  • Increase in water purity

According to people residing in Italy and Venice, there is more purity in water that is passed in their homes. Due to this pandemic spread, the peoples and roads are empty in the North part of Italy which is famous as a tourist area.

The decrease in tourists results the decrement in water traffic which made the more purified form of water.
In past days, the water used to be really bad but now it’s very clear that even fishes are visible.

  • More kindness and humanity among peoples

Many cities are closed due to this virus spread. It’s really unknown about how much one needs to stay in their homes and all the stores are closed. Due to this, people are storing the products more at their homes and this made a decrease in products and goods in-store.

Among all these, there are positive sides of people that is ready to contribute. Jack Maale of China had announced to help the Asian countries. Many organizations are being established in several countries to help during this bad times.

There is a different time schedule announced in the Supermarkets of Italy for the old-aged peoples and Physically disabled peoples.
Many people are even collecting donations. Most of the people are offering their places and hotels for quarantine space. Even house owners are not charging rents.

  • Unity in peoples

Due to work-life and busy schedules, most of the people used to be busy and could not spend enough time at home, less socialized from family and neighbors. Due to this lockdown, many peoples are staying  at home, being with family, spending enough time with each other.

There is a complete band in Italy. So many peoples are coming out on the terrace for entertainment. They are singing, dancing and encouraging each other in these difficult times. Not only this, but many people are also getting their free time, so talking with the loved ones through social sites and messenger.Even peoples have started virtual parties and gatherings.

Due to this many people have started respecting the health workers and professional nurses. They now value their importance and contribution. Many people are praising them and giving support with their words to the health workers.

  • Increase in Creativity and Personal Development

Due to this Coronavirus, many people are exploring their creativity. People are involved in cooking, art, painting, reading books, singing, writing and many more. They are taking virtual classes of personal development. Washington DC public library club also has started a virtual library for book lovers.

Popular Italian Chef Bottura started a special series named Kitchen quarantine. He started this to post the basics recipes of the kitchen.These are positive effects of COVID-19.

[Report made with the help of BBC.]

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