Top Automobile Portals in Nepal

Top Automobile Portals in Nepal

There’s a growing business of the automobile industry in Nepal. Along with the development of roads and transportation facilities in Nepal, the automobile industry is also in a rapid development process.

In the context of Nepal, roads are not even, well managed and developed in many parts of the country. But still, the number of automobile users are increasing day by day. There’s a very limited news portal that provides updates about automobiles in Nepal. Automobile Portals in Nepal is also in update state.

Here we have listed a top news portal that provides each and every update about the automobile industry. People have become brand conscious these days, so these portals provide you a variety of options, guides and also information about vehicle taxes and rules in Nepal.

Top Automobile Portals in Nepal

#1. Automobilehive

The automobile hive is the number one automobile portal in Nepal which provides the various information regarding automobiles in Nepal. It provides you latest updates about bikes, cars, and scooters.
You can get all the specifications, price features and reviews of cars and bikes according to the different brands.
Additionally, the Automobilehive also provides you the recent news about the automobile industry.
If you are confused and want to know more about the specs and prices of vehicles you should definitely be updated with this online portal. You can search the categories of bikes, cars and explore the automobiles on this website.

Know more about this portal from its official site.

#2. Auto life Nepal

Autolife Nepal is one of the top auto news portals of Nepal. Autolife Nepal was initially started as an English automobile magazine in the Nepalese automobile industry. Now it’s an online portal and it has also launched the “Autolife app” in mobile systems.

They deliver you the latest trends in the automobile industry. It provides you specifications, reviews, and comparisons among different brands of automobiles. Also, it provides you offers and news articles about the automobile industry.
For more information visit their site.

#3. Nepal auto

Nepal auto is an online news portal that provides you various sources of news in the Nepali language.
It is purely a news site that covers overall news about the automobile industry. Nepal auto delivers you content about different happenings and latest trends of automobiles from national as well as international industry. Nepal Auto website provides you all the product details, prices, and features under the same page. You will get complete information about two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers.
Visit their website for more information:

#4. Deal Gara

Deal Gara is Nepal’s number one vehicle research website in Nepal. As a name suggests is a portal where you can get prices of cars, motorbikes and other four-wheelers. All the services are free here with no commission and no fees. You can buy/sell vehicles through this website. All the offers and deals are updated on this site.
Moreover, you can also compare the different models of vehicles and cars.
Visit their website for more information:

#5. Autos Arena

The auto arena is also one of the auto news portals. As the name suggests they provide you every update and news about automobiles. They are well known for automobile reviews. It also provides you an insight into the latest happenings in the industry all over the world.
They also provide you interesting information on driving rules and traffic updates and signs implemented in Nepal.
Visit their website for more information:

#6. Auto Emag

Auto Emag is another popular news portal from the automobile industry. It provides you latest happenings in the automobile industry. This website will keep you updated with the latest trends, prices of your favorite car, launch date, features, and even product review.
They also provide you traffic rules of Nepal and recent changes in the department of transportation.
Visit their website for more information.

#7. Nepal Drives

Nepal Drives is an online news portal(web+magazine) especially based on the automobile industry. It provides you both national and international news from the world of cars and motorcycles. This website provides you all the latest happenings of the auto-world from test drives and test rides. It also provides rates and reviews which helps you to have more insight into the automobile market and its activities.
Visit their website for more information:


As the name suggests bike prices in Nepal is an online website that provides you news and information about bikes and scooters in Nepal. It is focused to provide you all sources of news related to two-wheelers. If you are a bike enthusiast you must definitely visit this site and gets the update from this website.
This website provides you all the specifications, prices, launch dates and categories of bikes and scooters.
Visit their website for more information.

There are more Automobile Portals in Nepal.We will update it soon.

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