Tech bloggers in Nepal. What are their opportunities and challenges?

Tech bloggers in Nepal. What are their opportunities and challenges?

Tech Bloggers Forum is a forum for tech bloggers in Nepal initiated with a common mission – ” Development of Tech Blogging in Nepal “.

Experiencing the development of tech blogging in the country, they felt the necessity of an organization that can fight for the betterment of the tech bloggers, which can organize a table talk for tech bloggers and the policymakers.

So, regarding the challenges faced by Tech Bloggers in Nepal, it is going to host a webinar on the topic “Tech Bloggers Challenges in Nepal.”

Speakers for this webinar :

  • Siddhant Mandal, Founder & CEO of TechPatro
  • Shreeman Bhandari, Manager of Gadget Concern
  • Niraj Bhusal, Founder of Techsathi
  • Sumi Prajapati, Content Manager of ICTByte
  • Yural Maskey, CEO of Gadgetbyte Nepal
  • Basanta K. Dhakal, Freelancer and a Blogger

The event will be moderated by Mina Aryal, Chief Editor of ICTFRAME.

What will be the discussion in Webinar, “Tech Bloggers Challenges in Nepal”?

The topic of the discussion will be :

  • Scope of the Technical blogs
  • Problems of Tech bloggers in Nepal
  • Challenges in the tech industry
  • Opportunities for tech bloggers

Event Detail:

Event Name: Tech Bloggers Challenges in Nepal

Event Type: Webinar

Date: 23th April, 2020

Time: 4PM to 5 PM

Supporters of the Event:

  1. ICT Byte
  2. ICT Frame
  3. Tech Patro
  4. Gadget Concern
  5. Tech Sathi
  6. Gadget Byte

 If you’re one of the tech bloggers in the country, join us for the common motive to enhance and promote the tech blogging.

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Sumi is the Content Manager of ICT BYTE. She is a tech enthusiast with lots of dreams and aspirations in life. She believes in the power of positive thinking for success and a happy life.