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quota limitation in license

Registration failed due to quota limitation, please try again later!

Thinking what is this?

If you are applying for the smart driving license, this is the most common message you are getting on. You are not only one person to get this message. Almost, everyone is facing this issue.

Buddha Lama Tamang posted a screenshot on largest and genuine facebook group related to driving license in Nepal, Ekantakuna license. There he is facing the issue stated above. And from the comment section, we can see that almose everyone who is filling up smart driving license are facing the issue.

Department of Transportation management is currently receiving only 5000 applications per day. But the number of applicant is so high and the quota is fulfilled immediately after the time to fill up form is opened.

According to DoTM source, this problem will be solved after a month when the number of applicants decrese.

The issue has arrived after the application for driving license was closed for 9 months due to pandemic of coronavirus.

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Also note you can fill up smart driving license application from 6AM to 10PM from Sunday to Wednesday only.

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