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REFT LOCAL HEROES 2020 CHALLENGE | To reduce the hunger by mobilizing young Food Technology Students




REFT LOCAL HEROES 2020 CHALLENGE ; An initiative by TFF Nepal to reduce the hunger by mobilizing young Food Technology Students

“Redefining and Empowering Food Technologists: REFT 2020”

With a motive to sensitize young food technologists about their roles for combating food-related issues during and after COVID-19. ‘Thought For Food’ and a group of highly enthusiastic youths along with many collaborative hands proudly presents a program “Redefining and Empowering Food Technologists: REFT 2020” to address another pressing crisis i.e. Food Crisis which can be seen in different parts of the world and within our country as well.

What is Thought for Food (TFF)??

TFF is one of the world’s leading organizations dedicated to engage, empower, and invest in the next generation of innovators in Food, Agriculture, Innovation, and Zero Hunger. It has been unlocking the potential of the next generation to lead a sustainable food and agriculture revolution.

Its mission is to engage, empower, and invest in the next generation of innovators in food and agriculture to help create more sustainable and inclusive food systems around the world.

Thought For Food worked with more than 20,000 next-generation leaders from over 175 countries, empowering them to generate and scale breakthrough business ventures that build sustainable, inclusive, and resilient food systems. TFF’s work is powered by a global operating structure that includes the TFF Core Team, 12 Regional Coordinators, and 500 Ambassadors in more than 200 cities, as well as diverse partners such as Syngenta, KWS, Google, and Rockefeller Foundation.

The program is designed with the objective of aware young food technologists about their roles and finding out food-related issues from our community level. On one hand, it aims to solve the Hunger Crisis of respective communities, while it thrives to develop leadership and empower young food scientists and technologists. Additionally, it can sensitize different stakeholders towards their roles to achieve SDGs amidst the global crisis after COVID-19.


It’s a 5 days’ program where the young food technologists share their ideas and concepts and those ideas will be polished through the mentorship of food technologists’ expertise. They will not be limited to only online discussion forums;they will also seek possible opportunities to work out those ideas to the respective community level.

The official announcement of the program will be done on social media.

More about the program

Based on pre-assigned criteria, the final 12 teams will be selected for presentation and the format of presentation, selection criteria, and documentation aspect will be addressed in the orientation session. In the first 2 zoom sessions we will hear all the ideas, issues, solutions the team comes up with, invited mentors, subject experts, and organizers will help to polish the ideas, whereby the following ideas will be asked to implement in their respective community within 1 week and a final closing and celebration session will be held in zoom where we will have our winner of the program.

What are the awards associated with the winners?

On the day of Finale, i.e. October 10, the best idea amongst 12 will be decided and awarded as REFT Local Heroes 2020. Based on performance and idea implementation, participants will also be awarded as Best Presentation, Best Idea Pitcher as per the decision of the organizing team. Winning teams will get special gifts and prizes from the organizing committee.

The final Ceremony will be wrapped up with musical performance, expert notes, and distribution of e-certificates and token of love to REFT Local Heroes 2020, speakers, and mentors. REFT LOCAL HEROES 2020 CHALLENGE

How to register for the REFT LOCAL HEROES 2020 CHALLENGE ?

Interested participants can register their name via, and for more details, please visit,

Hurry up and participate in this challenge and be apart of the good cause.

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