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Mega Bank Nepal Limited, for the first time in Nepal, has implemented a video call account opening facility. This new banking technology will be convenient for its customers.

Mega Bank Nepal Limited is the second-largest commercial bank in Nepal and also a commercial A-class bank licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank. The bank is based in Kathmandu with branches throughout the country, providing full services in commercial banking.

The Bank has been providing many services and now made it possible to open its account with a ‘video call’ by using the convenience of its customers and the new banking technology.

Mega Bank is confident that it is simple and effective to open an account via video call for customers who have Internet access. Terms were made to contact the customer by providing details about the account that they would like to open to the appropriate units and departments of Mega Bank.

How to open a bank account through video call?

  • Go to Mega Bank’s official website
  • There is an ‘Online Account Open Menu’ on the top left side of the page.
  • Select which account you want to open after clicking on the menu from different Mega Bank savings accounts plans.
  • Once the video call function is selected, click on the ‘Create’ tab.
  • Customers are expected to verify and fill in the name, mobile number, email, date, and video call, as well as to upload their nationality or passport by taking a picture and scan and selecting the corresponding date.
  • After the details have been obtained, Mega Bank units and departments contact the customer to commence the service.

Anupama Khunjeli, CEO of Mega Bank said

“Mega Bank has launched video accounting services with the aim of providing its customers with the latest technology in banking in Nepal. The facility brought by the bank will end the obligation of the customers who have access to the internet to come to the bank to open an account.

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