LOCUS Energy Hackathon 6.0: Bringing Innovative Solutions to Nepal’s Energy Challenges

Energy Hackathon 6.0 is a four-day event that is part of the LOCUS pre-events. It focuses on four main themes: demand side management, energy efficiency, alternative energy, and open category.

On the first day, delegates from various energy sectors and research institutions give talks about the current state of the energy market in Nepal. Participants then brainstorm ideas to address energy-related problems.

On the second day, teams are assigned mentors to help them develop and refine their ideas.

The final day involves presentations by each team to a panel of judges and an audience, followed by a Q&A session. The judges select the winning team in each category, with a prize pool of 100,000 rupees available.

Only four teams will be selected in each category, and registration fees are 1200 rupees (applicable only after the selection of registered ideas). The event closes on Poush 17, and the hackathon starts on Poush 21. It includes mentorship sessions, keynote talks, and team work.

If you have ideas related to energy, consider participating in the Energy Hackathon to energize your ideas and potentially win a cash prize. Apply at #locus #locus2023 #energyhackathon

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