Best BCIS Colleges Of Nepal

Best BCIS Colleges Of Nepal

BCIS simply can be understood as a bachelor in the Computer Information System which is the quirky merger of technology and management program which runs for four years. This is a newly launched program for developing the students’ skills in analyzing, designing, and developing various systems and software with the proper grip of management and business. There are many Bcis Colleges in Nepal.

The target of this program is in computer coding, management, various languages marketing, accounting, database, networking, computer software. the total credit hour for this program is 124 hours. Students will learn management systems as well as encoding and software handlings. After completing the program various carriers can be selected as they are interested. this carrier is also equal to other IT degree holders. This program is only run by Pokhara University.

 This program is rolled over various colleges. The name of the Bcis Colleges in Nepal are:-

Medhavi college

Nobel college

Apex college

Nepal college of information technology

CIST College

Crimson College Of Technology

Pokhara College Of Management

Boston International College

Apex college:BCIS Colleges In Nepal

Apex established in 2000AD and got affiliated to Pokhara University is a modern contemporary institution that stirs severe academic pursuits with a highly focused and skill-based course, uttering all the needs and dictate of the student and helps to provide them a beaming future and carrier ahead. Their mission is to develop principled and insightful leaders who can transform organizations and the society we live in, through innovative education, research, and networking. The mission of Apex, is to support students in creating a career vision and connecting them with employment opportunities as well as they are vital and engaged in supporting students to develop their career. scholarships are also provided to the good merit candidates to encourage them. they provide skilled knowledge and all the facilities. many batches had been passed out through the apex college with the best sequel and know as one of the most reputed colleges.

Crimson College Of Technology:

Crimson college of technology was established for commencing facilitates and quality education in 2000AD. It got affiliated to Pokhara University with various faculties like a business field, information technology, and pharmacy, etc. it is centralized at Butwal, Rupandehi, Devinagar. here a very friendly and co-operative environment is maintained. Crimson College of Computer Technology organizes educational tours, annual programs and seminars with a motive to build self-confidence within students. Computer labs are well functioning with the latest hardware and software. They provide High-speed internet within college premises.

Pokhara College Of Management:

Pokhara college of management established in 2002 AD, with a steady dedication to evolving well education , creative and confident which gets affiliation to Pokhara University. it has its own pre-defined goal, which is to provide affordable quality education, make the new generation people creative and more dedicated towards their career. they provide skilled lectures and all the required infrastructures. they maintain peace rules and regulations and a friendly environment in the college. every year they bring out the passed and the qualified students.

Medhavi College:

Medhavi offers a bachelor in information system as well as in other faculty, which got an affiliation towards Pokhara university in 2017. the result taken out by this college is very superior. here all the systems are well managed and all the faculty members are well capable. they focus on providing quality education. their goal is to provide skilled manpower. they focus on students and their progress. they indeed provide all the necessary and tries to make a friendly relation with students. they also provide scholarships and they appreciate the hard-working candidates.

To sum up, These colleges provide and gives their best .they have a good reputation, as well as they, are able to manage their image with the best outcomes. all those colleges provide the best infrastructures, lab, wi-fi system, well management, etc. They fulfill all the necessities and provide scholars for the deserving candidates. they make their candidates creative and well-mannered with the proper knowledge of management.

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