Admission to Tribhuvan University BIT is open: Apply Now

Admission to Tribhuvan University BIT is open: Apply Now

Under the Institution of Science and Technology education Tribhuwan University (TU) has announced the admission for Bachelor Of Information and Technology (BIT) course. Science and Technology education institution dean office of TU has published the admission notice on recent Wednesday.

Interested and qualified student can click here for the registration. You can fill your form online.The Bachelor course duration is four years. Deadline of submitting application form is 17th chaitra 2077.
Albeit with the double charge students are compromised to do registration until chaitra 22nd. The notice has been published by the Examinaton Branch, Balkhu. Applied student’s entrance examination will held on Chaitra 28th from noon 12:00 Pm to 2:00 Pm.

TU, Science and Technology branch campus will provide the education. TU, has announced 36 seat as minimum but due to the well managed infrastructure and the demands of student in the market it has been stretched up to 108 on three groups.

In the carriculum of TU on BIT, The additional course like Economics and Sociology are also included. the credit hour for these courses are 15 hour each. The Internship are also facilitated for the last semester students beside this some of the elective course are also included.

These courses are currently running on six college of TU branch i.e Patan Multiple College-Lalitpur, Mahendra Morang Adarsha Multiple Campus- Morang, Birendra Multiple Campus- Chitwan, Mahendra Multiple Campus- Banke and Siddhaanath Science Campus- Kanchanpur.

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