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Nepal Telecom (NTC) announces double data pack



With the expansion of NT 4G service in all 77 districts of Nepal, 4G/LTE Offer continues.

Get 200MB+200MB bonus pack (280MB 4G & 120MB all network) at Rs.25, valid for 1 day. Get 500MB+500MB bonus pack (700MB 4G & 300MB all network) at Rs.100, valid for 7 days. Get 1.5GB+1.5GB bonus pack (2100MB 4G & 900MB all network) at Rs.240, valid for 28 days.

Costs are inclusive of all taxes.

Dial *1415# or use Nepal Telecom App to subscribe. For more details, visit

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SMS Delivery Rate in Nepal. Smart Telecom’s service is the worst.



SMS Delivery Success Rate of Smart Telecom is found very low. Smart Telecom has a delivery success rate of only 39.76%. Nepal Telecom’s SMS Delivery Success Rate is 99.94% whereas NCELL has 99.07%.

For the research process, the total number of SMS delivered was 1788, 2015 and 831 for Nepal Telecom, NCELL and Smart Telecom respectively. The total number of SMS sent was 1789,2034 and 2090 respectively.

As per the final Report on Consulting services for “Studying, Measuring and Quality of Service of Telecommunication Services (RFP03-QOS-2077/78)”, submitted by Inclusive-Everest-Microtech JV to Nepal Telecommunication Authority, this stat is found.

The report is published on the official website of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority.

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Nepal Telecom to Launch IPTV Service from Friday 1st January



Nepal Telecom to Launch IPTV Service

Nepal Telecom is going to launch an IPTV service under Fiber to the Home (FTTH) under the NTTV brand from this 17th of Poush (January 1, 2021).

Telecom is currently providing voice and data services from FTTH service and now it is going to add IP TV service.

Is this for all places in Kathmandu?

Access to the FTTH network is essential for the company’s NTTV service. The FTTH network will be available in locations where FTTH can be reached and technically distributed. That be only inside Kathmandu Valley; ie. Sundhara, Babarmahal, Thimi, Blambu, Bhaktapur, Chahabil, Gongabu, Patan, Helambhu, Chauni, Hattigauda, Naxal, Jorpatti, Sinbu, etc.

Both Data and Voice Services

Customers who are currently using voice or data services or both services through the company’s FTTH service should contact the nearest Nepal Telecom office to get NTTV service.

What’s the requirement for NT IPTV?

To use the NT TV service, the customer buys a Set Top Box from the company and can watch NT TV on the traditional TV set and modern digital TV set used by the customer.

As NT TV service company, which has various national TV channels and foreign channels, will distribute them in different packages, the customers can choose the package according to their need and suitability.

Information about the package and rate is being prepared to be made public through the company’s website and other channels.

In addition, more useful information about NTV is available to the customers in the form of an FAQ, and information related to the connection between Set Top Box and FTTH Router is being prepared for the convenience of the customers through an appropriate mediums like Video-clip.

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Nepal Telcecom

Nepal Telecom PostPaid Service: Can Monthly Rental Charge be used?



Nepal Telecom Post-Paid Service

Are you using the Nepal Telecom Post-paid Service? Are you well informed about GSM Postpaid Billing System? Let’s get to know together.

There are two billing processes adapted for the Mobile service by Nepal Telecom, Nepal Telecom Postpaid service and Nepal Telecom Prepaid Service. What’s the difference? In Prepaid billing system, the balance for service is calculated and deducted from your main balance after each call.

nepal telecom post-paid service

In the postpaid billing system, after each call, the service charges are recorded as Unbilled Amount and the bill is prepared at the end of every month (Normally on 15th of every English months e.g, December 15th). You can pay your bill then. Convenience, isn’t it?

Nepal Telecom Post-paid service: Rental Charge

Postpaid Mobile users need to pay the minimum monthly rental charges to Nepal Telecom for using the service. The amount needs to be paid, whether the users use the facilities less than the service charge or not. However, for the users with Corporate Usage Group offers or similar other offers provided by the company, the amount may differ.

Since the postpaid users use much more services and facilities beforehand, these type of provisions is made from a long way back, which are still effectively in use. Now, the company has brought a special provision that the rental charge can also be used to purchase the postpaid pack or make phone calls without purchasing pack, send SMS or use mobile data service.

In recent times, the offers provided by Nepal Telecom for different voice packs and data packs have been increased. When Postpaid users use these services, the charges other than the rental charges are deducted. Due to cheaper rates of voice and data packs, postpaid users may not have given much attention to the use of the rental charges.

Nepal Telecom Post-paid service: Are you confused with billing?

GSM Post-Paid users often get confused for the billing of the postpaid service and rental charges. The billings are settled at the end of every month (or 15th of English months). Although the amount less than the rental charges have been used, users must pay the bill with Rs. 383.07 added to it.

For an instance, If a postpaid user only uses Rs. 100 in a month, Bill is calculated for the full Rs. 383.07. Now, users often get confused ‘Where has my Rs. 283.07 gone?’ The billing for the postpaid service has been the same way from long time ago, but because of the recent availability of cheaper rates of data and voice packs, Users often get confused.

Let’s get to know more. If Nepal Telecom post-paid service users uses pack/plan worth Rs. 200. He/she should pay Rs. 583.07, where Rs. 200 is for Pack/plan and Rs.383.07 is for rental charge. Let’s suppose the users have Rs. 400 on their phone at the 14th of the English month, then users should pay for Rs. 183.07 for Rs.583.07 after 400 has been deducted from the balance.

Nepal Telecom Post-paid service: Let’s settle the confusion

After the above illustration too, many of us are still confused, right? Let’s try and settle the confusion.

Nepal Telecom has felt its high time to address the confusion, and has been providing the ‘Post-paid Pack’. Since the post-paid users can now use the rental charges for the purchase of the pack, there is a small room for confusion. Using the ‘pack’ provided by the company, users can now call inside or outside the network, send SMS or use mobile data.

How to Purchase the Postpaid Pack?

To purchase the post-paid pack in your post-paid mobile, Dial *1415*2# and choose the pack appropriate to you.

To know about the billings of the post-paid mobile, dial *400#.

The amount of billing money remained to settle with the company for using the service by the users is called ‘Due Amount‘. Availability Credit refers to the amount of money which can be used by the customer to purchase the service.

The bills amount can also be checked and viewed from the website or from the app ‘Nepal Telecom’. Using the company app, you can also check the records of bill (detail bills) through the ‘usage history’ for the last five days.

Some of the other benefits of the Nepal Telecom Post-paid service includes:

  • Friends and family services
  • Special CUG packages
  • Roaming services
    • International Voice Roaming
    • International Data Roaming
    • Roaming packages

Let’s have a final say. Using the Nepal Telecom post-paid service, you can call at the cheaper rate (Rs. 0.55 per minute off-peak hour and Re.1 per minute peak hour with a pulse of 10sec) and now when you can also use the ‘rental charge’ for data, voice packs, the GSM Nepal Telecom Post-Paid service has become more exciting, groomed and attractive. The sim only costs Rs.500 and available at the local retailers, Are you getting one?

Check out more on Nepal Telecom services.

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