Phone Screen Protector- Why should I use?

Phone Screen Protector- Why should I use?

There are many cases – from super-slim to heavy-duty options, and also with screen protectors, you have got your choice to choose a plastic film or tempered glass.  

The best way to protect your device is to use both of these at a time. However, if you’re already using a case that comes up over the screen, is it necessary to use a screen protector, too? 

Phone screens have made significant progress in terms of durability within the last couple of years. Most phones nowadays sport Corning Gorilla Glass, which is very scratch resistant and also additionally likely to crack from a bad fall. Even something as tiny as some grains of sand in your bag can leave a permanent mark. Damage from scrapes and drops are a scary threat to our screens. Similarly, many phones have a slippery glass or metal backs, which furthermore can lead to major accidents. 

Why to use Phone Screen Protector? 

Since the time of the iPod, the glass of your device has gotten more scratch-resistant. We can see Corning’s Gorilla Glass doesn’t scratch even if we rub it with keys, which could be a big leap forward. 

Here are some benefits which I realized having screen protection-

  • It leads to increase privacy and confirms that private data displayed on the phone screen is only seen by the person holding the phone.
  • It helps in the readability of the screen due to constant issues with reflected images.
  • A protector with anti-reflective (AR) could be a good option to prevent UV damage. That has the ability to optimize and improve the screen’s readability for better views and less eyestrain.


It’s obvious that we like to save the screen of our mobile phone and then can use the various screen protector. It’s good to buy a high-quality screen protector because it gives long life. Depends on the individual need they will buy any sort of screen protector.

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