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What is encapsulation? Learn encapsulation in JAVA

What is encapsulation? Learn encapsulation in JAVA

Introduction of Encapsulation

  • Besides inheritance, polymorphism and abstraction, encapsulation is one of fundamental OOP concept.
  • mechanism of wrapping up data under single unit
  • this is process ehere code and data are wrapped together in single unit
  • its like a capsule, which consists of several components in medicines
  • Java Bean is fully encapsulated class
  • Variables / data of a class can be hidden from other classes and can only be accessed from member function of its own class.

How to encapsulate in Java?

  • Make variable of class private (Declare variable as private)
  • To modify and view variable values, provide public set and get method.

Benefits of Encapuslation

  • Flexibility: Read-only and write only can be made for fields of the class
  • The class can control what is stored in its field
  • Data Hiding
  • Re-usability
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