Masters of Computer Science

Technoprenuership Syllabus | MCS | Lincoln University College

Understanding Technopreneurship:

  • Concept of technopreneurship
  • Technopreneur Vs Entrepreneur
  • Traits and characteristics of technopreneur
  • Importance of technopreneurship
  • Successful global and local technopreneurs
  • Challenges in technopreneurship

Idea, Innovation & Creativity :

  •  Basic concepts in Idea, innovation & creativity
     Characteristics of an Innovative or a creative Individual
     Process involved and techniques
     Principles of Innovation
  •  Research vs development translational research
     Types of innovation: product, process, and business model
     Innovation ‐driven vs small ‐medium enterprise
     Organization‐driven vs market ‐driven ideas
     importance of Creativity and Innovation
  • Factors that impact innovation and creativity

Value Proposition:

  • Benefits vs features, relation to needs, and high value adding
  • Solution driven or efficiency improvement
  • Value proposition statement including Needs, Approach, Benefits per cost, Competition

Market Research & Customers Identification

  • Customer needs, pain points and demographics
  • Market research and validation
  • The decision-making process
  • Target customer profile, persona

Competitive Advantage & Markets:

  • Classes of competitors
  • Product differentiation,positioning
  • Market structures
  • Market segments, size
  • Beachhead market and creating your market

Introduction to Intellectual Property:

 Needs of intellectual property
 Types of intellectual property
 Procedure to register
 Intellectual property of a product
 Importance of intellectual property in business
 Copyright & trademarks regulations
 Patents, trade secrets, contracts, non ‐disclosure and non ‐compete agreements

Planning IT Business & Execution:

  • Principles and concepts of business ownership
  • Types of business ownership
  • Factors that influence entrepreneurial venture.
  • Factors that influence in starting a new entrepreneurial venture
  • Roadmap for research, development, and production
  • Develop IT Business Plan.
  • Importance of a Business Plan.
  • Criteria of a good Business Plan.
  • Determine business plan outline
  • IT business plan
  • Sales and marketing plans; cost of customer acquisition, customer lifetime value
  • Plans for R&D, operations, sales and marketing, human resources
  • Lean concepts and organization

Financial Analysis and Accounting Basics:

  • Organize financial plan for new ventures in technopreneurship
  • Importance of financial plan
  • Preparing financial statements and capital budgeting in IT Business
  • Cash flow statements and projection
  • Income (P&L) statements; accrual accounting, depreciation, operating expense
  • Balance sheets; equity, liability
  • Breakeven time

Raising Capital:

  • Sources: debt and venture capital
  • Incubators, accelerators
  • Grants, competitions

The Product or Service :

  • Core value of product or service
  • Minimum viable product anditera tive design
  • Cost of goods sold
  • Product development plan, Gantt chart

IT Business Models & Globalization:

  • Time value of money
  • Revenue generation
  • Price structure; price elasticity
  • Channels of distribution
  • Strategic partners
  • Cultural differences in communication

Ethics and social responsibility:

 Ethics. codes of ethics
 theoretical frameworks
 broader ethical considerations
 Ethical issues

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