Masters of Computer Science

Digital Forensics Syllabus | MCS | Lincoln University College

Forensic Science:

 Basic concepts on computer forensics, objectives and benefits
 Key concepts of enterprise theory of investigation (ETI)
 Fuse computer network attack analysis with criminal and counterintelligence investigations and operations
 Elements of Crime
 Various computer crimes
 Types of web attacks
 Types of email attacks
 Types of network attacks
 Mobile based operating systems, their architectures, boot process
 Importance of cybercrime investigation
 Methodology involved in forensic investigation
 Reporting a cyber-crime
 Expert witness

Regulations, Policies and Ethics:

 Searching and seizing computers with and without a warrant
 Laws and Acts against Email Crimes
 Laws pertaining to Log Management
 Policies Pertaining to Mobile Forensics
 Laws and Acts against Email Crimes
 General Ethics while testifying

Digital Evidence:

 Digital Evidence
 Types of Digital Evidence
 Rules of Evidence
 Electronic Evidence; Types and collecting potential evidence
 Electronic crime and digital evidence consideration by crime category
 Computer forensics Lab
 Understanding Hard Disks
 Disk Partitions and Boot Process
 Understanding File Systems
 Windows File Systems
 Malware Analysis

Procedure and Methodology:

 Investigation Computer Crime
 Computer Forensics Investigation Methodology
 Digital Evidence Examination Process
 Encryption
 First Responder
 Role of First Responder
 Network Forensics (Intrusion Detection Systems, IDS)

Digital Forensics

 Recover Data
 File System Analysis
 Windows Forensics
 Linux Forensics
 Recovering the deleted files and partitions
 Application password crackers
 Investigating and Analyzing Logs
 Investigating Network Traffic
 Web Attack Investigation
 Cloud Forensics
 Malware Forensic

Tools/ System Program:

 First Responder Tool Kit
 Windows Forensics Tools: Helix3 Pro, X-ways forensics
 Data Acquisition Software Tools
 Tools to defeat anti-forensics
 Database Forensics Tools
 Password Cracking Tools
 Network Forensics Tools
 Web Security Tools
 Cloud Forensics Tools

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