M.Sc. CSIT Syllabus

Seminar II

Course Title: Seminar II
Full Marks: 25
Course No: C.Sc. 560
Pass Marks: 12.5
Nature of the Course: Seminar
Credit Hrs: 1

Course Description:

The seminar-II is of full marks 25 offered in the curriculum of the M. Sc. first year second semester. A student pursuing the seminar prepares a seminar report and presents the seminar in the department. Once accepted by the department, the students have to submit the final copy of the report. Introduction: Each student is required to write a comprehensive report about the seminar. The report should consist of 5 to 10 pages describing the topic selected. Students can choose the seminar topics of their relevant subject area. The students are suggested to select the research oriented topics rather than just informative ones. The report should be in the format as described below;

Arrangement of Contents:

The sequence in which the seminar report material should be arranged and bound should be as follows:
5. Cover Page & Title Page
6. Abstract
7. Chapters:
b.Previous Works, Discussions and Findings

Format of References


A list of all publications (articles, texts, monographs, etc.) must be supplied as the last section of the paper. Each article or paper used must be listed alphabetically by last name of the author and the list must be numbered sequentially. The following are examples of the format for various types of entries in the list.


Stalling, W., RSA and its computational aspects, Infoworld, 12, 28 (Jul. 2012), 42-49. Book: Bishop, M. and Boneh, D., Elements of Computer Security, Pearson Education., 2009.


Shamir, A., Controlling attacks on public key cryptography. Proceedings of OOPSLA 86 (Sept. 1986., Portland), 405-416.
Articles Which Have Established Citation Pages at ACM (Electronically published articles): Smith, J., An algorithm for the traveling salesman problem, Journal of the ACM 54 (June 2011), 234-245(http://www.acm.org/jacm/2011/SmithtspAlgo/)

Citations Whenever material from a publication is used in the paper it must be followed by a citation which is simply the number of the reference in the list of references enclosed in square brackets (for example, a reference to the third article listed in the list of references would contain the citation [3].) Multiple citation numbers can be incorporated within one citation when required (for example, references to the fourth, eighth, and eleventh entries in the reference list would appear as [4, 8, 11]).
Text of the seminar paper format:

5. The paper can be prepared using a word processor or LATEX. The students are highly recommended to use LATEX.
6. Margins – All margins must be one inch.
7. The text must be spaced by 1.5.
8. The text must be typed in 12 point font. The text must be typed in Times New Roman font.

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