M.Sc. CSIT Syllabus

Object-Oriented Software Engineering

Course Title: Object-Oriented Software Engineering
Full Marks: 45 + 30
Course No: C.Sc. 539
Pass Marks: 22.5 + 15
Nature of the Course: Theory + Case Studies+ Project
Credit Hrs: 3

Course Objectives:

  • This course aims to give students both a theoretical and a practical foundation in Object -Oriented software engineering.
  • In the theoretical part, students will learn about the principles and methods of Object Oriented software engineering, including current and emerging Object Oriented software engineering practices and support tools.
  • In the practical part, students will become familiar with the development of Object Oriented software products from an industry perspective.

Unit 1: 4 Hrs

Software life cycle models, Requirement analysis and specification, object oriented software development,

Unit 2: 5 Hrs

Introduction to object-orientation, object- oriented system development-function /data methods, object oriented analysis, construction and testing, object -oriented programming with examples

Unit 3: 10 Hrs

Architecture-model architecture, requirements, analysis, design, implementation and test model, analysis, construction, Real-time-classification of real time systems, database-RDBMS, Object DBMS, components-use of components, component management, testing-on testing, Unit, integration, system and the testing process

Unit 4: 6 Hrs

Managing object-oriented software engineering, Project selection and preparation, product development organization, project organization and management, project staffing, software quality assurance, software metrics

Unit 5: 5 Hrs

Object oriented analysis and design, hierarchical object-Oriented design, object Modeling technique and responsibility-driven design

Unit 6: 15 Hrs

Case studies and project Warehouse management system, Telecom


  1. Ivar Jacobson-Object-Oriented software engineering
  2. Ian Sommerville-Software Engineering 3.Grady Booch-Object-oriented analysis and design
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