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Best Dumbbell Workout Apps to Build Muscle Strength

Best Dumbbell Workout Apps to Build Muscle Strength

Workout can be done by using various equipment like press machines, bench, dumbbell sets, bars, etc. The main purpose of the workout is to keep your body fit and healthy. Due to which many people like to do workouts to be in proper shape. However, there are many types of workout. But two dumbbells can also be somewhat enough to keep your body fit. So, we have listed the apps which focus on dumbbell workouts. Though some of the apps listed below also provide fitness content for other workouts. Instead of going to the gym, you can use these apps to do your workout at your home. These apps are not only for professionals but also for beginners.

Dumbbell Workout Apps:

# Jefit

Dumbbell Workout

Play Store rating: 4.4/5

Offered by: Jefit Inc

  • From beginner to an advanced fitness program
  • App and web app also available
  • Over 1300+ demonstration videos
  • Various tools like timer, planner, measurement log, Progress tracker, etc.
  • Customized workout programs
  • Various monthly challenges and cash prizes as well as custom journals

#Dumbbells home workout

Workout Apps

Play Store rating: 4.3/5

Offered by: Shvager Inc

  • Selection of various dumbbells exercises
  • Exercises for different muscle groups
  • Many descriptions of exercises
  • Create custom workout from specific exercises
  • Random training modes also with adjustable training routine
  • Specific workout routines
  • Earn points by completing challenges
  • Get notifications

#Gym WP

Workout Apps

Play Store rating: 4.7/5

Offered by: Leal Apps

  • Customize and set up workout routines
  • ¬†Estimates muscle fatigue after the workout and also the muscle recovery time
  • Monitor weights as well as provide body info
  • Stretching series
  • 500+ exercises with detail image and explanation

# Dumbbell workout at Home-30 Day bodybuilding

Workout Apps

Play Store rating: 4.8/5

Offered by: Leap fitness group

  • Various dumbbell as well as bodyweight exercises
  • Personalized plans also provide tips in real-time
  • Workout tracker which syncs with Google fit
  • 100+ exercises covering major muscle groups
  • Tracks record and also provides a progress report
  • Workout reminder

# Ultimate full body workouts


Play Store rating: 4.6/5

Offered by: Leap Insplisity

  • Based on sports science
  • Workout related to major muscle groups
  • Training routines
  • Workout monitors as well as Short-time workout planner
  • Various dumbbell weight exercises together with well-described guidelines

So, these are the apps that can be used for dumbbell workout routines. Although all these apps are not dumbbell specific. But, these apps are very effective to use for dumbbell workouts.

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