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How to make Viber Community?

How to make Viber Community?

“Want to make your own Viber Community and be SuperAdmin ??”

Viber community is a new community feature. It’s like a Facebook group chat where up to billion of members are able to exchange the messages and communicate with each other.

Creating a virtual community will enable you to interact with an unlimited number of peoples and share your thoughts.

This feature will be great for mass communication and for spreading the information.

So, I will let you know here how can we actually create it.

To Create a Viber Community

  • Open the screen of chat lists.
  • Tap on the purple msg icon.
  • Choose the “New Community” option.
  • Start a community with the name and proceed.
  • Pick out the profile icon and a short description to let people know what your community is all about.
  • Now add the members from your contact lists.
  • You can also share the Viber community link with others.
  • Once you complete, Tap Done.

There are 3 types of  community participants in viber. One who created is superadmin, another who you chose to manage the group. i.e Moderators and lastly the normal members of the community.

Superadmin has all the powers automatically as you create the community :

Powers of Superadmin

  • Promotion power to admin or superadmin to normal users.
  • Add or remove new members.
  • Pin any messages or raise awareness of certain discussions.
  • Delete any message by any of the members.
  • Publish public Viber community links to invite new members.
  • Control moderators and other members.
  • Customize all the settings and descriptions of the community.

Responsibilities of Viber Community manager/moderators

  • Add or remove new community members.
  • Pin messages of the members to start a discussion or raise a voice.
  • Delete the specific members in a community.

Advantages of  Community than normal chat groups

make viber community

  • More enhanced chat features.
  • Commitment to security and privacy i.e you number is not public to any other member.
  • Unlimited amount of members.
  • Shared history is viewable to new community members.
  • Members can reply and like each other’s messages.
  • Mentioned messages are notified to the specific user.

To create a community :

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