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How to improve your typing speed?



improve typing speed

Typing is very essential in everything whether you are from the business field, writing, or any field. It has become a large part of everybody’s work and education life. The speed of typing makes a huge difference in your time and productivity. So it’s very important that you should improve your typing speed.

Ultimately your typing speed won’t be faster very soon, it needs practice and consistency. However, if you speed up the learning process and maintain some tips and tricks, you can learn and increase your typing speed in a short period of time.
Learn the best ways; here I am going to tell you some of them:

#1. Start By Learning Touch Typing

touch typing

This is the most important thing to consider while typing. Make a habit of touch typing that means type without looking at your keyboard. Put the fingers according to the rule and move it around the keyboard so well that you don’t even have to look.
Initially, it will be difficult and you can type wrong words but later it will be a habit. This trick is beneficial for your speed because your fingers will already know exactly where to press on the keyboard. It’s not about not looking it’s about typing fast or increase speed typing.
To be more habituated of this trick you can play games from Typeshala. Online typing sites also help you for making habit of this.

#2. Type First, Correct Mistakes Later

backspace typing speed

Using the above trick can cause you lots of misspellings and accuracy. When you type in speed you end up missing letters in the words. You press lots of wrong keys by accident. It’s actually ok.
To solve this problem, you type it first and correct it later. You can use extra tools to correct like Grammarly of the Chrome Extension.

This tip will increase your typing speed. First, it will prevent you to enter backspaces often, you can focus on your writing continuously which will maintain your flow. Secondly, it will be a quick process to complete your task.
It’s not always about typing fast though in writing flow of the writing makes it better. Consistent flow is the key to good writing.

#3. Play the right kind of music

piano typing speed

Once you get used to typing with the above tricks, there will be one major bottleneck in your typing speed your ability to think. If you practice enough, it will get to the point you want to press where you cannot think fast enough. That is your hand will type faster than you think.

I’ve personally found that one of the best ways to improve thinking ability while you are typing any think is the right kind of music.
Music that has the correct rhythm and sound can help you. Music with lots of words and meaning can distract you There are genres like Lo-Fi, jazz, and other classical music that is best to listen while typing.

Obviously, everybody is differnt and there is a different style for anyone. Some may have different choices of music than I have suggested.

#4. Purchase a More suitable keyboard

suitable keyboard

The first thing many people would always say to buy you a fancy mechanical keyboard. Its well known for fast response times through a mechanical keyboard-you really feel each key is pressed and you can move on to the next one very fast and easy.

I do agree that mechanical keyboard is faster but this should be the only reason one should thong that you have mastered the touch typing or you type the faster. I better consider if you had your own laptop or keyboard that helps you to type faster.
Once you feel confident you can type faster.


I have recommended some tips and tricks for you to type faster. But don’t rush and it is a practice that will definitely make you PRO one day. Keep working and as a final note, I would like to say make a better habit of typing with typing touch habits and keep consistency.

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Sumi is the Content Manager of ICT BYTE. She is a tech enthusiast with lots of dreams and aspirations in life. She believes in the power of positive thinking for success and a happy life.


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Smart cell Number Check. How to check smart cell number?



Are you searching for – how to know your smart cell number? Or your query in google is “how to check smart cell number ? ” In this article, we are helping you to see smart cell numbers.

Check Smart Cell Number

To find what is your smart cell number, you need to dial *134#
For this, dial the numbers * 1 3 4 #, in the similar way you do to call your friends and family. And click the dial button.

After dialling *134# in a phone set with a smart cell’s phone number, you will be able to see your phone number of smart cell.

How to find the owner of a smart cell number?

If you want to check, if the SIM card is registered on whose name in smart cell, we are here to help you.

To check the owner name of Smart Cell, follow the following step.

  • Open your phone
  • Dial 4242
  • Know the registered name.

If the SIM card is not registered in your name, you need to visit nearest “Smart Center” with applications.

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SEE Result 2079 | Check Result of SEE Exam 2079 ( 2022 ) in Nepal



SEE Result Check 2079

Is SEE Result 2079 Published ?

What is the result publication date of SEE Exam 2079 ?

How to check the SEE Exam Result of 2079 in Nepal?

If you have these questions in your mind related to SEE result publication date and more, you are in right place. We will be guiding you for every details of SEE result 2079.

SEE Exam and Result 2079

SEE Exam 2079 was started from 9th of Baisakh 2079 and ended on Baisakh 20, 2079.  The SEE Exam was for regular students, partial students, grade increment and prabidhik.

In SEE 2079, total of 5 lakh 14 thosand students appeared. 2007 exam center were there for the SEE Examination of 2079. Regular SEE Exam prepared students of the year 2079 are 4,88,742.

Result Publication Date of SEE 2079

As of previous record, the examination result of SEE is published in the Month of June / July i.e Asar.

For the actual SEE Result Date 2079, stay tuned with us. We will be completely providing the SEE Result Update of 2079.

How to check SEE Result Online ?

You can check SEE Result 2079 online in various of ways. You can find your SEE score in

  • Ekantipur Results
  • NTC SEE Result
  • SOCE SEE Result
  • SEE Result Via SMS
  • SEE Result with IVR

SEE Result 2079 with Ekantipur Results

To check SEE result,

  1. Visit
  2. Click “SEE/SLC Results with Marksheet”
  3. Enter your symbol number
  4. Enter Full Name
  5. Enter Mobile Number

Once the SEE Result is available by NEB, you can get the result from ekantipur result page. You will also be notified via email and SMS as well.

SEE Result 2079 Check with NTC Result

  1. Visit
  2. Type your Symbol number
  3. Click “Search Result”

SEE Result with Office of Controller of Examinations

  1. Goto
  2. Enter your subol number
  3. Enter your date of birth
  4. Click “Get Result”

Check SEE Results via SMS

To get your SEE Result 2079 with SMS follow the following the following step.

  1. Got to Message box in your mobile
  2. Type SEE
  3. Send to 1600
  4. Examole Type SEE 0284073W and send it to 1600

SEE Result with IVR

  • You need to have PSTN and CDMA phone
  • Dial 1600
  • Follow the instructions

SEE Result 2079 with Sparrow SMS

  • Goto message box
  • Compose new message
  • Type symbol number
  • Send it too 35001

Grading System of SEE Result

SNPercent (%)GradeDescriptionGrade Point
1.90 to 100A+Outstanding4.0
2.80 to below 90AExcellent3.6
3.70 to below 80B+Very Good3.2
4.60 to below 70BGood2.8
5.50 to below 60C+Satisfactory2.4
6.40 to below 50CAcceptable2.0
7.30 to below 40D+Partially Acceptable1.6
8.20 to below 30DInsufficient1.2
9.0 to below 20EVery Insufficient0.8
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PIN Instagram Post Now! Easily pin your instagram posts and reels.



pin comment on Instagram

Instagram users can now “pin” their Instagram post. This pin post feature allows users to pin three posts or reels to their timeline.

This feature is being tested in April, and from this Tuesday this feature is available to users around the world.

With the new feature of Instagram, users can show their favourite posts or reels at the top of their profile. This feature is believed to be useful to creators.

How to pin Instagram posts and reels ?

  • To pin a post on Instagram, firstly update your Instagram app.
  • Open the app after updating.
  • Then go to your timeline and tap the post you need to pin.
  • Then tap on the three dots at the top right.
  • Pin the post or any reel by tapping on the Pin to your profile option.

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