Top 5 Drones in Nepal with Price, Specification and Availability

Top 5 Drones in Nepal with Price, Specification and Availability

Short Intro of Drones:

The unpiloted aircraft or spacecraft which is used to take the Arial view is commonly known as Drones. Drones are specifically designed for military surveillance operation but it is now common for every photographer. The main aim to introduce the drones is that they couldn’t want to create risk for the pilot in the operation of observation the enemy’s fort/combat zones.

Types of Drones:

Single-Rotors Helicopter:

It is exactly looks like a small helicopter. It runs on Gas and Electricity. It consist single blade which help in the long distance flight. Including Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system, these types of UAV can be used for transport the heavier objects.

Multi-Rotor Drones:

Some of the smallest and ordinary use drones in the market is named as Multi-Rotor Drones. It is perfectly designed in order to take Aerial photography. It has a limited flight capacity, speed and distance. It is usually able to fly for 20-30 minutes holding a camera for the aerial view.

Fixed Wing Drones:

This is the drones with the similar shape of a normal plane. It can use Fuel rather than using Electricity and Gas because such types of drone need to fly over than 15 hours on air. It mainly used for carrying the military equipment and scientific equipment to a worst geographical structure for humans to reach. It also need to take-off and land in a runway like a normal aircraft can do.

Importance of Drone:

In Military Industry:

For the surveillance operation on the fort military forces uses Drones a lot. They get the notification about the activities of enemy and make a war strategy according to that.

In agriculture Industry:

Drones can capture the full aerial view of agriculture fields at one shot which is hardly possible from any other second object. Which helps in the analysis of the production status and the problem status of the field. According to the problem specialist can suggest the possible solution to the farmer or the concerned authority which helps to boost the production.

In Marketing Industry:

We can use Drones in the marketing field for delivery of the products door-to-door. It is beneficial for the company owner and also to costumers because Business owner don’t have to hire a delivery person to this business and customer can get the products in exact times. This will be a milestone in the marketing field in a near future.

In Health Industry:

Sometimes the shortage of the medicine takes a life into a critical situation. Where a drones will be the main tools to import medicine in a short time. It is not possible to bring the medicine from planes and helicopters to a patient in a short time when patient life is in too critical situation, then the fastest drones can helps a lot to save life by importing the health equipment and medicine in very short time.

In Tourism Industry:

Drones are very essential to boost up the tourism industry of a country. With a Drones beautiful aerial picture can be taken of historical, Natural, Tourist place and so on. Which helps to promote the tourism industry of a country.

Top 10 Drones in Nepal for Arial-Photography:


2.4 G remote control mode.
WIFI APP real-time transmission control.
Built-in 6-axis gyroscope
Stable Flight, Air Pressure, and camera.

Price in Nepal: Nrp Rs. 30,000/- only
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DJI Tello Drone:

Quadcopter with Remote Controller.
25 ft control range
AA Type Battery
0.5 KG Weight

Price in Nepal: Nrp Rs. 17,500/- only
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LF 609- Folded Drone:

Fixed focus optcal zoom
50 to 80 m control range
3 AA Type of Battery
27 into 16 into 5.5cm Body Size

Price in Nepal: Nrp Rs. 13,000/- only
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E-58 Drone:

App Control
100 m control range
UAV Lithium Battery
96 Gram weight

Price in Nepal: Nrp Rs. 12,999/- only
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KY606-D Drone:

Fine Workmanship
Plastic Materails
ABS Type Plastic
You will get:
4PCS Propeller
4PCS Blades protection frame
2PCS landing gear set

Price in Nepal: Nrp Rs. 9,499/- only
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We hope these guidelines help you to know everything of drones in Nepal . If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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