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Hult Prize at IOE 2024 Sets Foot at Pulchowk Campus: A Riveting Orientation Ensues

Hult Prize at IOE 2024 Sets Foot at Pulchowk Campus: A Riveting Orientation Ensues

The Hult Prize maintained its popularity by calling upon participants this year as well on the 22nd of Mangsir to take part in the competition. 

The program was organized keeping in mind the question – why take part in the Hult Prize? It is an acclaimed, annual, and long-running contest that motivates university students to solve pressing social issues like food safety, water access, energy, and education and awards a $1 million prize.  

Last Friday at 2 pm, as the registration began, the hall filled up with inquisitive spectators in about an hour. The event kickstarted with the host welcoming the audience from the podium. Then the introduction and orientation began, graced by the presence of various distinguished guests who provided inspirational speeches from their respective fields.

The orientation program commenced with guests being welcomed. The mere presence of the distinguished attendees like Assoc. Prof. Dr. Indra Prasad Acharya, FSU president Biraj Aryal, Prof. Arun Timilsina, Chairman of National Finance Committee Santosh Chalise, and Laxmi Bank’s Human Resource Domain’s Prof. Sashwat Karki brightened up the entire hall. Their insightful words and wisdom set the stage for a fruitful session ahead. 

The delegates, spanning different backgrounds and various sectors, gathered to enlighten and guide the young minds on this august occasion. Their collective experience lent itself to make the proceedings more wholesome and multi-dimensional. 

The program embarked on with an opening speech by Campus Director Aditya Pandey, followed by Startup Coordinator Rubika Bashyal giving an overview of the Hult Prize, how to take part, and highlighting this year’s theme “Unlimited.” Past winners’ journeys and registration details were also discussed.

Prof. Arun Timilsina emphasized making full use of this wonderful opportunity on campus and encouraged being confident and stepping ahead at every event. Citing the importance of networking, he conveyed inspiration and best wishes to all, concluding his speech.  

Mr. Sashwat Karki began his speech by posing some questions. He stressed that one needs to continually ask oneself “what is the reason for my existence?” and drew everyone’s attention to the need for partnership in this world. He motivated taking small steps to make oneself capable of leading Nepal towards development.  

As the event progressed, it was highlighted that participants’ questions like “Why the Hult Prize?” were answered by the Campus Director and the sustainable development goals were also explained. Details about workshops and guiding principles were also provided.

Concluding the formal event, past Hult winners from Pulchowk Campus shared their Melbourne summit experiences and software design journeys, underscoring the significance of mentoring. 

Finally, performances presented by participants added color to the grand closure of the orientation program. The organizers’ efforts impressed spectators. Smooth proceedings displayed support from the Hult Nepal community, making the event successful. Overall, the orientation program was an outstanding triumph.

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