“Starting Career in Web Development” Workshop by UNICTS Nepal. What will you learn?

“Starting Career in Web Development”  Workshop by UNICTS Nepal. What will you learn?

Starting with Web Development

This is the training designed for any individual who is interested in web
development. There is no pre-requisite knowledge required for this
course. A normal computer system and bags full of learning attitude are
enough for this course.

The course will incorporate the basics of web
development, a career in web development and how to kick-start your journey
in web development. The course will consist both English and Nepali
language as a communication medium.

The core objective of this course is to guide the individual to the door of web
a development where the universe is limitless.


  • Course Overview and Website Structure and Hosting
    • This will be the first session where we will discuss the
      course. We will have a basic understanding of the website and its
      components. We will learn about hosting our website. We will
      also discuss a career in web development.

  • Introduction to SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)
    • This session will consist of all the steps required to follow in
      the development of Software (also website in our case). It will help to
      structure our website development in a proper manner.

  • More details on Wireframing, Design Tools, Project Management Tools,
    Version Control System (VCS) – Git
    • In this session, we will discuss the free tools that we can use
      initially for our career in web development

  • Diving into Frontend Web Development
    • In this session, we will finally begin our Coding. We will start with
      basic HTML Code
    • Then we will dive into basic CSS
    • Finally we will learn some javascript code

  • Basic on Backend Web Development
    • This will basically be intro to backend web development with
      PHP. This topic will have some pre-requisite like: XAMPP, WAMPP
      or other to be installed in individual system. So, basically it will be
      demoed by the instructor and explained.

  • Final takeaway
    • Since the workshop is targeted to any individuals from any
      background keen to learn web development, So; ideas regarding
      how to further proceed in this career, How to enhance skill base,
      where to find efficient learning materials will be shared.
    • Also, at the end of the workshop, resources will be shared by the

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