Nepal Blockchain Conclave: CSIT Association of Nepal Tie Ups as Community Partner

CSIT Association of Nepal is supporting the Nepal Blockchain Conclave for the significant development of the blockchain community in Nepal. The partnership was announced during a formal gathering attended by key representatives of both organizations.

In the presence of Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari, General Secretary of the Federation of Computer Association Nepal and Coordinator of the Nepal Blockchain Conclave, and Ms. Rojina Dangi, President of the CSIT Association of Nepal this collaboration was forged. Both the representatives expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting its potential to drive innovation and adoption of blockchain technology in Nepal. Underlining the importance of this alliance, the meeting emphasized on the capacity of blockchain technology to revolutionize various sectors.

The partnership between the Nepal Blockchain Conclave and the CSIT Association of Nepal is expected to facilitate knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaboration among blockchain enthusiasts, experts, and organizations with an aim to foster an ecosystem that encourages the development and implementation of blockchain solutions tailored to Nepal’s unique needs and challenges.